Musk Bought Twitter, Earth Is Dying, WWDC Dates, And More From This Week

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If you missed all the crazy things that happened this week, we’re here with our weekly tech news roundup to tell you about it. This is a one-stop shop where we briefly talk about the biggest things that happened in the tech world this week.

We’ll start with headlines from Monday and cover the week. You know, the natural order. So here’s what was the first big thing that happened this week in tech.

Musk buys Twitter

Ah, the weed-smoking billionaire adds another jewel to his collection. From being told by the SEC to get his tweets approved to being a Twitter board member, Elon Musk is on a roll. Right after the news broke out on Monday, there was chatter about an edit button for Twitter the next day.

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From the days of social media platforms turning college students into billionaires, we now have billionaires buying social media. Look how the turntables have turned. Twitter also launched a new feature that lets you exit a keyboard argument, so, good going Twitter!

Other than buying new toys, Musk also announced that Tesla’s own toy, the Cybertruck will start selling in 2023. So now we have something more to look forward to from Tesla.

WWDC dates and iPhones

WWDC 2022
Image: Apple

This week Apple also announced that the WWDC 2022 will be online, taking place from 6 to 10 June. We’re excited about iOS 16 and to see how it builds upon the iOS 15’s privacy features.

What’s more interesting though, is that iPhones are being made more repairable. Apple launched a self-service repair program last year, but there are also speculations that Apple wants to start iPhone subscriptions. So Apple will probably make iPhones more repairable because it is going to be the one that has to repair those subscription phones.

The iPhone may be expensive, but close to 90% of American teens prefer an iPhone. Not only do they have iPhones, but they’ll also buy iPhones in the future too. So if I were Apple, I wouldn’t be worried about future sales.

Fix your sh!t, or make a new emoji :D

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Yeah, we have another report on the environment, and no, this isn’t good either. It’s a rather ‘hot’ take for our politicians and industries, but the IPCC report now says we have three years to fix the planet. If we don’t, then we can kiss our resources goodbye and plan how to live underwater.

Now unless we’re resurrecting Atlantis, IPCC’s report says we have to cut down greenhouse emissions. The report comes months before the Scotland Sustainability Summit in Glasgow, so we may see some steps taken there.

I’m sorry if this was a bit too depressing. But on the bright side, Unicode is accepting applications for emoji 16.0, so this is your chance to submit a new emoji that might get picked up by officials. However, be serious about the climate too, or else the bright side could become the unbearably hot side.

Samsung, TikTok, And Netflix’s Short-Ass

Samsung took the iPhone SE a little too seriously and relaunched its Galaxy S20 FE in 2022. The S20 FE is a powerful phone, and with a new lease on software life, it’s a much better offering than the iPhone SE 3. Pretty much anything is a better offering than the 2022 iPhone SE at that price, but Samsung steals the show there.

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Coming to TikTok, it turns out that it was copying Instagram before it was the other way around. ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company allegedly took Instagram users’ videos and posted them on their platform to test the waters. Well, what can we say, they had to come up with something original despite this.

Lastly, Netflix literally has a ‘short-ass’ movies tag. This is good. If you’re like me, trying to sneak into sleep watching a short film, this Netflix tag has your a#$ covered. However, how it came to be is an even better story. Click on the linked article to read that.

Weekly Tech News Roundup

Well, this week was an exciting one and pretty packed for the first iteration of our Fossbytes weekly tech news roundup. We saw how Google is trying to make searches more human, Twitter is trying to make arguments more humane, and Meta is releasing an adversarial threat report because, well, humans.

What we almost skipped is that some LG phones will get Android 12, which is good. We also missed the Epic Reality Scan app which can turn your phone’s photos into 3D models. And I was certainly not going to conclude it without the Russian food app data leak.

All in all, a pretty tight week and a pretty tight wrap-up. Do let us know your thoughts and recommendations about it in the comments. Have a good weekend!

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