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Founded in August 2014, Fossbytes is one of the fastest-growing tech media startups in India. In a short period of time, Fossbytes has become a leading source of technology news on the internet. As Fossbytes continues to expand its readership, it aims to provide in-depth reporting and redefine digital media with constant innovation.

We offer timely analysis and in-person experiences that form the basis of our professional articles. Our editorial section is a reflection of the emerging technology trends – ranging from the internet to desktop, startups to big companies, security, open-source, and more. Our tagline “Fresh Bytes of Technology and More” tries to address the same diversity.

Our Mission
“To provide insightful tech coverage and help the enthusiasts across the globe get the most out of their digital lives. Our aim is to deliver the information in a simple way with a keen eye on the future.”

With an active and dedicated team, Fossbytes now draws over 5 million page views per month and sends timely updates to its 60 thousand e-mail subscribers. Fossbytes has a strong social media presence with more than 500 thousand followers.

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To meet the people that make Fossbytes a fun place to work, check out our Team page.

If you wish to be a part of our highly influential media platform with a dev and design team that is building new and awesome technology products, read our Careers page.

You’d like to talk to us? Great! Visit our Contact Us page or send us your queries and suggestion directly:

[email protected]

Registered Address:
Fossbytes Media Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. D-107, 91springboard, Sector 2
Noida, UP, India (201301)

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    arpitt n adarsh..u hv shocked everyone..:) 🙂 good job..:) proud of u..n arpit I hv never expected this great work from u..:P :P..really happy for u..

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    This effort maybe useful for technical education for computer science students and maybe helpful for digital India project of our honorable prime minister,s view. You should add some future agricultural sector and health care sector news through such amazing site.Our vision should be abroad and for welfare of mankind n for piece of world wide scenario.

  3. thanks a lot for the support. do give such suggestions like this in future too. we will try to meet up your expectations. thanks a lot for encouragement.

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    I hope it is an injection free website so that i could show interest on it..
    I am one of the networking lovers.
    be waiting for response…

    1. you need not to worry. we are an injection free website aiming at providing useful and interesting content to our readers. keep reading. 🙂

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    Hi editor,

    Hope you are doing well,i really appreciate your site because you have done inspiration work.
    Actually i am also blogger and managing few blogs you can have look at, Nogentech.org

    may i get a review on your blog? which would be written by US writer.

    looking forward to hear your positive feedback,

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    this is very nice effort for technical education n the students of higher study,but for common people you should include the latest information on agriculture and industrial reforms worldwide for high technical aspects.Very tremendous, enthusiastic and incredible works doing by these two boys,Our best wishes are with both of you.

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    It needs to do more efforts for upcoming high techanological informations regarding each and every field of life for piece and betterment of industrial and agricultural productivity.Our best wishes for both of you.

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    hi there,

    i appreciate the articles that you have online. please can you consider to change the “add this” bar on left of the site to some other way of appearance please. because it is a disturbance for the readers of the article have to scroll and red under the bar to see the full content.

    thank you!

    1. Hi Pradeep,

      I am very sure it is specific to single screen resolution since we have already taken care of responsiveness here. I would request you to zoom out or zoom in one level in you browser and you will see everything correctly.

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    It’s good to see that NIT HAMIRPUR has developed entrepreneurs like you guys.. carry on.

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