These LG Phones Will Get Android 12 Later This Year

LG is keeping the update promise... partially?


South Korean Electronics Giant LG exited the smartphone market last year. Before announcing its exit, LG had launched several premium smartphones globally. The LG users were worried about the future update for those smartphones.

As the company had been in the smartphone business for many years, users expected LG to provide updates to their smartphones. After users’ outrage on social media platforms, LG promised that even though the company has exited the smartphone market, it will continue to push updates to some of its recent smartphones.

For the first time, after promising the updates for their smartphone, LG has released a list of smartphones going to get the Android 12 update in Q2 2022. The company has posted the complete software update plan on its Korean website

According to the website, LG will push the Android 12 update to three of their smartphones in Q2 2022. These include LG Q92 5GLG V50, and LG V50S. Besides announcing the software update plans, LG has also announced a list of smartphones that will get security patches in Q2 2022. These smartphones are LG Q52Velvet, and Wing.

LG Wing Smartphone

We want to clarify that the list is only applicable to the LG home market. There is no confirmation that LG users outside South Korea will receive Android 12 updates. However, it is confirmed that the users who have these LG smartphones might expect Android 12 sometime later this year. It’d probably be in the third quarter of 2022.

Do you own an LG smartphone and waiting for it to receive Android 12 or security patches? Let us know in the comment section.

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Ratnesh Kumar

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