Meet “Reality Scan,” A Free 3D Scanning App By Epic Games

Image: Epic

Epic Games is known primarily for the very popular Unreal Engine 3D creation tool and games like Fortnite. Now the company has introduced a free 3D scanning app named ‘Reality Scan’. The Reality Scan app has the ability to turn smartphone photos into high-fidelity 3D photos.

For the development of the Reality Scan app, Epic Games has collaborated with Capturing Reality and Quixel. Capturing Reality is the company behind Reality Capture whereas Quixel is known for Megascans. All three companies have worked together on Reality Scan to bring Photogrammetry technology to individual creators.

How does the ‘Reality Scan’ app work?

Before we understand more about the Reality Scan app it becomes very important to understand how Reality Capture works. Reality Capture is popular photogrammetric software. It reconstructs objects and scenes into 3D scans. But it was possible only through a powerful computer.

With the Reality Scan app, Epic Games is bringing fast and easy 3D scanning to our smartphones. We are moving into a virtual world with the arrival of technology like VR and Metaverse. The creators will need more and more tools to bring real-life objects virtually and Reality Scan might a very important role in it.

The scanning experience on the Reality Scan app is said to offer interactive feedback, AR guidance, and data quality checks. Once the scan is done the app creates a realistic model. You can watch the above demo video to see the Reality Scan app in action.

Talking about the availability, Reality Scan is available in a limited beta for the first 10,000 users. The company has planned a Wider early access release on iOS this fall and on Android later this year. Is the Reality Scan app sounds exciting to you? Let us know in the comments.

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