Netflix Series “Clickbait” Will Tell The ‘Social Media Truth’ You Have Been Ignoring

Netflix Clickbait series social media effects
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Those who have watched Black Mirror got to see many fascinating technologies. Some of them could become real in the future. But the Netflix thriller also showed us what the negative side of technology that can affect our lives.

According to Variety, Netflix is now working on another tech-related series which goes by the name “Clickbait.”. As the name says, the upcoming series is going to focus on how social media affects our daily lives.

For instance, how our identity on the internet is becoming a lot different from our real life. Yet it remains to be seen if the new show is going to be as spine chilling as Black Mirror.

Black Mirror’s famous episode Nosedive, shows a world where people are dependant on a rating system, and the ones with bad ratings can’t even use basic services. Talking about reality, we have heard that China may implement a similar social credit system for its population.

Clickbait will be produced in Australia by Matchbox Productions, Tony Ayres Productions, and Heyday Television. The 8-part series includes the likes of the famous Australian producer Tony Ayres as the main creator, screenwriter Christian White as co-creator and Harry Potter-fame David Heyman as NWEP via his company Heyday Television.

Right now there is no word on the cast of this Netflix show, the story, or the expected release date. Ayres says that he sees Clickbait as a “passion project” and hopes that it will impact people on a global scale.

The effects of social media

With more and more people coming to social media every day, thinking about its pros and cons has become more important than ever.

While social media has helped us get in touch with old school friends, at the same time, we have seen many people taking their online lives too seriously.

People take different roads to achieve success on social media. They turn themselves into a person they’re not even close to. And sometimes it backfires real bad.

In addition to being a popular platform to spread fake news and affect presidential elections, social media could have many other repercussions including FOMO, depression, cyberbullying, and so on.

That’s why federal bodies across the globe are coming up with stricter norms which may or may not help users. You also get the screen time feature in various apps to restrict your usage. But even politicians can’t stop themselves from using their Twitter handles and even block the people who criticize them.

Netflix ‘Collections’ by humans

In a piece of unrelated news, Netflix has started testing a new form of recommendation system called Collections. Unlike the company’s mostly automated streaming services, movies and TV shows falling under Netflix Collections are curated by real humans.

For now, Netflix Collections are available to a limited number of iOS users. But the feature is expected to roll out to all the users in the coming future. Netflix Collections was first spotted by Twitter user Jeff Higgins who posted the screenshots on his handle.

Hopefully, this new feature could help binge-watchers like me who waste most of their time trying to find what to watch from the massive Netflix library.

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