IPCC Report: You Have Three Years To Fix The Planet

IPCC report on pollution
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The latest IPCC report sheds light on the rapidly increasing environmental damage. Global warming is a serious issue that has been mocked enough already. Rather than preaching environmental conservation, it is high time we demonstrate some action. Otherwise, future generations will bear the consequences of our ignorant nature that aggravates global warming.

What is IPCC, and why should you focus on the IPCC report?

It is a panel of experts from all over the globe which assess the science related to climate change. That means – they understand the nitty-gritty details which contribute to environmental damage. They also present estimates of current and expected degradation due to global warming. The committee conducts an assessment and presents an IPCC report every six or seven years.

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So, they release a report that is subdivided into three segments. Two of the segment depicts the causes of global warming and its result on the ecosystems, wildlife, and human society. The third segment of the IPCC report suggests the actions we need to curb climate change.

Moreover, global warming cannot be stopped by implementing drastic changes. Extreme measures put undue restraint on the planet’s existing means of energy production.

Actions that could curb global warming

The Paris Agreement laid down a minimum goal of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius. 196 countries signed this pact and aimed to stay below the 1.5 degrees Celsius of global greenhouse emissions. But as per the IPCC report, emissions haven’t stopped as much as they should have.

The expected goal was to bring greenhouse emissions by 43 percent in the next 8 years. But that appears a surmounting challenge now. Humans managed to put such a massive dent in the atmosphere, which will take decades to recover.

The IPCC report suggests that it is possible to impede the rate of global warming. Hope is still there if we decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. All other efforts to increase nuclear fuel dependence and tree plantation are not enough. As long as fossil fuels are in surplus usage and adoption, global warming can never cease to increase.

The executive director of IPCC, Inger Andersen, stated that saving the planet will require a collaborative effort. It will need political courage and a myopic vision to heal the earth. It is high time that world leaders look beyond profiteering and focus on sustainable energy sources.

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