Russia-Ukraine War: Meta Will Now Publish A New ‘Adversarial Threat Report’

Meta Adversarial Threat Report
Image: Meta

Facebook’s parent company Meta has published its first-ever Adversariel threat report. The company has started publishing threat reports as a pilot project. With the report, Meta aims to give a clearer view of global threats and risks to social media.

On most occasions, bad actors on the Internet target popular platforms like Meta’s own FaceBook, Instagram, and others. But It is not limited to popular platforms. They also run their websites and compromise legitimate websites by building clone websites.

Meta Adversarial Threat Report

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Meta has shared its findings with tech companies, security researchers, government bodies, and law enforcement agencies. It will also alert the people who were targeted by these malicious campaigns.

In its first Adversarial Threat Report, Meta has provided a view of several threats in Iran, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, South America, and the Philippines. The company also shared threat indicators at the end of its report. It will help the security community to detect and counter malicious activities happening elsewhere on the Internet.

Although Meta has started publishing this report just now, the company started its public security reporting almost four years ago. They shared their findings on coordinated inauthentic behavior (CIB) by a Russian Internet Research Agency.

Malicious activity is increasing daily, and Meta is expanding its capability to counter those adversarial behaviors. Earlier, they were doing regular reporting, but now it will also include cyber espionage, inauthentic behavior, and other such activities in one place.

The company is also welcoming feedback from the security community to improve its reporting. So, if your interest lies in security issues on the Internet, you can contribute to Meta’s Adversarial Threat Report.

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