Google Multi-search Feature In Lens Reshapes The Search

Surf and shop your heart out using the new Google multi-search lens!

Google Multisearch Feature In Lens Reshapes The Way You Search
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Google unveiled the multi-search lens feature here yesterday. It combines images with text queries to produce more refined search results. It is an AI-powered feature that will help you create more personalized search queries. You can now use the multi-search in Google lens and use images and text to search at the same time.

What is Google Multi-search feature?

Traditional searches on Google happen via a single method only. You can make a text search, an image search, a voice search, and so on. But there was never a method to combine two types of search queries in a single form. Google multi-search makes it possible to use a combination of text and image search queries simultaneously. Thus, you can use an image for product reference and add text to narrow down your search.

How to use the multi-search feature?

You don’t need a separate app for using the Google multi-search feature. It is embedded in the Google app to minimize confusion.

  • Just open the Google app and then tap on the Lens feature.
  • Then, snap a picture of the item you want to search for. You can even browse for a photo from your photo library or the phone storage.
  • Now, select the image and then swipe up on the screen.
  • Then tap the “+ Add to your search” button to add text.
  • Google will then factor in the text input while generating search results for that image.

Google multi-search feature is available on both Android and iOS devices. This feature is currently available in the U.S only. It should eventually roll out to global users as well. Moreover, it only works with English text queries with images at the moment. So, there’s a long journey ahead to cater to multiple languages.

Google multi search
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Why is it useful?

Google heavily invests in AI to produce a better search experience. This Google multi-search feature mimics the actual way humans search and enquire about a product. Merely uploading an image generates a similar kind of image. But what if the users want a different color combination? Earlier there wasn’t a way to do that.

Now, images and text queries can be easily combined together for better results. Google shared the update about the multi-search feature in their blog post. A video in the blog shows how the feature works and produces refined results for the multi-search queries.

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