iPhone Is The Preference Of Over 90% Teens: Survey Claims

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Survey Shows Almost 90% Of Teens Prefer iPhone Over Android
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Many consider Apple products to be super-premium and niche products. But a recent survey proves otherwise. It showcases that an overwhelming section of US teens adores Apple products. Over 87% of surveyed teens own an iPhone and would love to buy it again.

On the other hand, Google products are at the bottom of the popularity barrel. Nobody seems to love them as much as they love Apple products and services.

iPhone vs Android: The survey

The bewildering revelations stem from a survey conducted by Piper Sandler. It took a sample of 7100 US teens and then analyzed it. The results were highly in favor of iPhone and Apple products. A sweeping victory, if you would call it that.

A whopping 87% of teenagers surveyed own an iPhone. On top of that, they want their next phone to be an iPhone too. Only 13 percent of users out of this lot want to switch to other phones. This is a reality check for Google which hasn’t managed to woo the young crowd.


On the other hand, Apple Pay emerged at the top of the most used payment services. PayPal and Venmo followed suit with Google Pay ranking way behind with a 2% user base. Consequently, Google apps and services don’t ring a bell for most teens in this survey either.

Why is Google lagging behind?

Apple prioritized building an ecosystem from the start. This survey is an apt example of that. It all started with an iPod, which then turned into the iPhone and other products. Apple’s ingenious marketing tactics penetrated the minds of teens and adults alike. It is no surprise that teens prefer an iPhone and will purchase another Apple product in the future.

The Apple ecosystem is leaps and bounds ahead of the attempts by Google and others. Users are amazed at the level of interconnectivity between different Apple devices. Google is trying to build that, but without an entry-level product like the iPhone, it seems impossible.

Apple SVP, Craig Federighi said that “the #1 most difficult [reason] to leave the Apple universe app is iMessage…iMessage amounts to serious lock-in.” However, Google lacks such products which can spellbind the users.

The survey clearly depicts that Apple is the dominating force in the products and services market among teens. So, it multiplies the painstaking efforts that Google needs to take in the future to appeal to a larger demographic.

Abhishek Mishra

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