Twitter To Start Testing Edit Button On Twitter Blue

Not an April Fools prank, after all.


Yes, you read that right. Twitter will begin testing the edit button on Twitter Blue in the coming months. The news comes right after Elon Musk bought a stake in the platform. And later, dramatically spilled the beans by a poll of Do you want an edit button? Teasing the edit button is in work ahead of the company’s official announcement.

Following Elon Musk’s tweet, Parag Agrawal, Twitter Chief Executive, commented users to vote carefully. The company said it is working on an edit button, but the announcement came on April 1st, which led to the laughter of the April Fool’s joke.

Twitter edit button for real?

Twitter has confirmed that it is indeed planning to bring an edit button on Twitter Blue. It is a premium subscription to Twitter where new features get tested. Since last year, Twitter has been working on the edit button. And now, the button will finally arrive on the platform in the coming months.

Twitter has always shown a willingness to tailor the platform according to users’ feedback. It’ll be interesting to see how the users and Twitter will proceed when the control rolls out. There is no doubt that the edit button will make it easier to manage conversations on the social network.

Twitter has rolled out many exciting features or tailored the existing ones in the past few months. Starting with allowing users to share the tweet in their Instagram stories, the launch of Twitter Blue premium service, restricting sharing of private images, retweeting with Tik-Tok like reaction videos, and a tor service to bypass Russian censorship

The closest thing to the edit button is the undo button, which is limited to the Twitter Blue subscription. And it will also roll out exclusively to Twitter Blue in the testing phase. It’s still unclear if the edit button will be available for the masses or if it will stay Twitter Blue exclusive.

Ronil Thakkar

Ronil Thakkar

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