Want To Make A New Emoji? Unicode Emoji 16.0 Proposals Are Open Now

Emoji Are Not Born, They Are Made

Emoji 16.0 submission
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Emoji is a great way to add emotions to a text conversation. Almost all of us use them every single day. Each year we get new emojis on our keyboard. But Have you ever wondered how Emojis are made? Unicode emoji consortium takes care of the development of emojis. The same committee is now accepting proposals for Emoji 16.0.

The Consortium has Emoji Subcommittee that is more specifically responsible for all the emojis we see on our smartphones and computers. Currently, Emoji 14.0 are rolling out to our smartphones, and the committee has already started working on new Emojis. One thing is obvious now “Emoji Are Not Born, They Are Made.”

If you want to make the next popular emoji, you can send your proposal to the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee. The applications to submit ideas for the next emojis are open from the 4th of April to the 31st of July 2022. You can visit the Unicode website and send your proposal right now.

Emoji 16.0 Purposal
Image: Unicode

But before you send your proposal, you will have to take care of two essential things. First and foremost, check whether a similar emoji already exists. Second, be sure that your proposal meets the criteria set for consideration. The criteria include Multiple uses, Use in sequences, Distinctiveness, Compatibility, and Frequency of Use.

If you think your emoji proposal has everything to fill the criteria, you can submit your proposal here. There are only around 30 proposals accepted each year so make sure you’re extra creative while sending your proposals. It is also important to note that everything can’t be an emoji.

You can also check our list of best emoji apps for iOS and Android for some inspiration. Would you be interested in applying for an emoji proposal?

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