Netflix Short-Ass Movies Tag Is Real And Here To Stay

Netflix Short-ass movies tag featured image

Netflix Short-Ass Movies is a real thing now. What started as a comedy rap on SNL is now a separate section on Netflix. The man behind this ingenious idea (if you want to call it) is Pete Davidson. So, if you love short-ass movies on Netflix, he’s the one you should thank.

What are Netflix Short-Ass movies?

Netflix Short-Ass Movies are nothing but a collection of movies of short duration. These movies have a runtime of 90 minutes or less and are watchable in one sitting. Obviously, this is for busy folks looking to grab a quick binge and complete it without compromising their rest time.

Netflix Short-Ass Movies

Netflix created this category, which is now live and available in most regions. Netflix took to Twitter to confirm that the short-ass movies categories section was now live for users. It also shared a direct link to the category which will ease your burden in finding it on the Netflix website/app

Is it necessary?

Well, that depends on your preference for the length of content you love to binge-watch on Netflix. Pete Davidson, for instance, despises long movies, which is abundantly clear from his snarky rap on SNL about Netflix Short-Ass Movies. Going by the contents of the rap, he would prefer watching a short-ass movie as opposed to long ones. But Pete Davidson isn’t the only one who would benefit from this.

Many Netflix viewers cannot spare time in their hectic lives to watch a full-length movie at night. The category would certainly be helpful for this huge chunk of users who would love to complete a movie before falling asleep. It is a weird thing to say – Pete Davidson’s rap was actually helpful this time

However, a 90-minute movie category already exists on Netflix. If you browse through it, you will see that the recommendations are almost the same as Netflix short-ass movie category. It serves the same content but the new title “short-ass” movies do sound convincing enough. The actual benefit is that you’ll be able to finish these movies in one sitting. It is interesting how brands actively respond to suggestions hidden beneath memes and parodies now.

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