Russian Data Leak Compromises The Security Of 58,000 Users

Russian food delivery app data leak reveals what high-profile govt. people love to eat.

Russian food delivery app yandex data leak
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Data of more than 58,000 users of Russian food delivery app Yandex Foods leaked online. It is raining hell for Russia on all fronts. First the economic sanctions and war implications, and now the data leak. The Russian government is struggling to have one good news since it waged war. The Russian data leak affects so many people. It surprisingly includes a few individuals from the top-secret Russian agencies and government officials.

When did the Russian food delivery app data leak online?

Going by the statement by Yandex, the data leak happened on March 1st, 2022. The company blamed it on a certain “dishonest” employee who was behind it. Yandex’s statement sounded like speculation as it couldn’t find the identity of the leakster.

Moreover, it assured that the leak didn’t contain any login information. But that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t sieve through the data to know about you. Roskomnadzor, a Russian regulatory body fined a mere 100000 Rubles for the Russian data leak

Russian data leak

Which high-profile individuals were in it?

It is fascinating that an app so trivial as food delivery can point to connections so deeply. Among the individuals who ordered via Yandex, a lot of orders came from a military base. They were even ignorant enough to give directions to reach the base without generating much attention. Bellingcat, an independent investigation agency unearthed the secrets in the Russian data leak

They were able to find orders belonging to high-profile government officials, secret agents, and more. Despite the login credentials not being available, Bellingcat managed to find out nitty-gritty details. This sparks concerns about pacifying statements that companies issue after a data leak.

Using the phone numbers in the leak, they even pinpointed an agent’s vehicle registration number. He belongs to Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Like him, links to several officials of the GRU and FSB are also in the Russian data leak.

A Russian politician even took to Twitter to talk about how the leaked data disclosed the details of Vladimir Putin’s mistress. The supposed daughter of Putin orders several meals using the Yandex Food app. It even revealed the location of her apartment which is valued at 170 million rubles. The latest Russian data leak is one among many such incidents of app data leaks. Be it Uber Eats or Grubhub, the data leaks don’t seem to stop anytime soon.

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