Twitter Unmention Feature Lets You Avoid Keyboard Fights

You can now excuse yourself from meaningless conversation on twitter!

Twitter unmention feature
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Twitter is testing a new Twitter unmention feature on the platform. The unmention feature allows you to excuse yourself from any conversation/post you aren’t interested in. Twitter announced on Thursday that it was indeed working on an “unmention” feature for users. This feature will curb the exasperating notifications you get for every activity on a post.

What is the Twitter unmention Feature?

The Twitter unmention feature will be a savior to getting out of undesired Tweets and mentions. Simply tap on the reply button and reveal the “get you out of this conversation” option. After selecting it, the user can effectively get out of the conversation. Moreover, they won’t receive any pestering notifications every time someone comments.

How useful is the Twitter unmention feature?

People have a nasty habit of tagging anyone and everyone on every post. These posts convert into a colossal mess of comments quickly. So, the “get you out of this conversation” option can get you out of any mess for good. No one likes a flurry of notifications from posts that they don’t relate to.

twitter unmention feature
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Release Date

The Twitter unmention feature is still in the testing phase. It may be available to a select group of users on Twitter. Moreover, it is being tested only on the web version. There are no clues about it releasing for the Twitter app simultaneously. If you use the feature, your name will appear in grey on the post you unmentioned yourself.

Twitter is making other thoughtful changes as well. Elon Musk bought a massive stake in Twitter a few days back. Soon, an Edit option for Twitter made headlines and was later announced by the current CEO Parag Agarwal. The edit button can save many users from a lot of embarrassment and give an option to fix their mistakes.

Additionally, a safety mode feature to curb abuse on the platform is also in the works. It will block any account that indulges in abusive commenting on the platform. It will levy a seven-day ban on the user to penalize for the indecency showcased on Twitter.

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