F1 2022 Gets Cracked Just After Its Launch!

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F1 2022 is a formula one racing game published by EA Sports. The game was made by Codemasters studio, the fifteenth entry in the F1 series. However, F1 2022 has been cracked by a pirate group called Razor1911.

Razor1911 is also responsible for cracking many DRM-free games, just like F1 2022. They have previously cracked games like Dirt 5, Dead Cells: Road to the Sea, and Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

F1 2022 Cracked

The game’s .exe file was leaked without Denuvo/DRM protection. Razor1911 then cracked F1 2022 ten days after its release. The news comes from a subreddit called r/CrackWatch, which tracks cracked games and video game piracy news.

Recently, pirate groups cracked games like Far Cry 6, Marvel’s Guardians Of The GalaxyElden RingDeath StrandingLego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, etc. These games are also available on Steam if you want to check them out.

About the game


F1 2022 is the newest entry in the F1 series and features new car models with updated physics. The game is a direct upgrade and features an updated list of famous race tracks. The developers have also added a new mode to the game called Sprint races.

The series is also famous for having VR support for maximum immersion. VR users can play the game via PC using a VR headset. We recommend checking out F1 2022 on Steam instead of pirating the cracked version of the game.

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Nalin Rawat

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