What Is Online Piracy? What Are The Risks Involved?

Always use a VPN.

what is online piracy when is it ok
The Pirate Bay

If you have been on the Internet long enough, you must have heard of piracy. But what exactly is online piracy? Online piracy is downloading and distributing copyrighted content digitally without permission. This content can include computer programs, games, books, music, and films.

Although any form of copyright infringement can be referred to as piracy, it primarily refers to digital copies of works distributed over the Internet. Online piracy has been increasing year after year. This increase is mainly due to how easy online piracy has become even for an average person.

However, why do people pirate stuff? One can say it is primarily because of the inherent desire for all digital data on the Internet to be free.

Modern day Online Piracy

modern day online piracy
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In today’s world, online privacy is synonymous with torrents. Due to this, websites like 1337x, The Pirate Bay, Yify, and Rarbg have become the face of modern piracy. Other than these websites, users can often access pirated content from Reddit, Discord, Telegram, and many other apps.

For the most part, online piracy is still heavily dependent on BitTorrent, cloud services, and illegal streaming sites. VPNs have also become an essential part of the puzzle as they allow users to remain anonymous when downloading pirated content online.

With the rise of OTT content, online piracy has seen new heights. People can now see movies, TV shows, and series on day one for free.

Scene Groups

Ever wondered who exactly is behind the pirated content available throughout the Internet. Despite copyright laws, many groups upload content online for everyone to download. These groups are known as Scene, an affiliation of groups competing to be the first to release new stuff.

Risks of Online Piracy

It is always safer not to get involved in piracy if you want to be safe. There have been many instances where authorities have tracked what content a user has pirated.

Online piracy can not only get you in trouble with the law but also make your device susceptible to many viruses and malware. So think twice before doing anything sketchy.

Disclaimer: Fossbytes does not support piracy and advises users not to break any copyright laws. This article is only for educational purposes.

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