Linux 5.0 Is Finally Arriving In March

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With last week’s release of Linux 5.0-rc1, it’s confirmed that Linus Torvalds has finally decided to adopt the 5.x series.

The kernel enthusiasts and developers have been waiting for this change since the release of Linux 4.17. Back then, Linus Torvalds hinted at the possibility of the jump to place after 4.20 release.

“I suspect that around 4.20 – which is I run out of fingers and toes to keep track of minor releases, and thus start getting mightily confused – I’ll switch over,” he said.

In another past update, he said that version 5.0 would surely happen someday but it would be “meaningless.”

Coming back to the present day, Linus has said that the jump to 5.0 doesn’t mean anything and he simply “ran out of fingers and
toes to count on.”

“The numbering change is not indicative of anything special,” he said.

Moreover, he also mentioned that there aren’t any major features that prompted this numbering either. “So go wild. Make up your own reason for why it’s 5.0,” he further added.

Linus Torvalds
“Go test. Kick the tires. Be the first kid on your block running a 5.0 pre-release kernel.”

Now that we’re done with all the “secret” reasons behind this move to 5.x series, we can expect Linux 5.0 to arrive in early March.

There are many features being lined up for this release and I’d covering those in the release announcement post. Meanwhile, keep reading Fossbytes for latest tech updates.

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