What Are The Different Error Codes On Paramount Plus: Everything On Annoying Errors With Solutions

What Are The Different Types Of Errors On Paramount+? Everything On The Annoying Errors
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Since the covid outbreak, streaming platforms have proved to be a boon for society. While the old OTT giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ have grown rapidly, some new ones are also proving their worth. One such up-and-coming rising titan is Paramount+. The streaming service, owned by Paramount Group, offers more than 10,000 titles on the platform.

In addition to original films and series, it also provides you with CBS All Access Network. Subsequently, users can enjoy live NFL matches and other sports events on it. Similar to other OTT giants, we can access Paramount+ through various devices, including Android, iOS, Apple TV, Google TV, Fire TV, and consoles like Xbox, Playstations, etc.

With so many perks the incredibly affordable plans, Paramount+ plus seems to be the perfect platform for many of us. However, there’s a little catch in this mouth-watering deal. What? You ask. Platform users sometimes face different errors that disrupt their streaming experience. So what are these errors, and how can we fix them?

What are the Paramount Plus error codes?

What Are The Different Types Of Errors On Paramount+? Everything On The Annoying Errors
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As discussed above, the Paramount Plus library has a wide variety of content, including the CBS Entertainment Group and ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks. Sometimes delivering such an extensive library causes some technical issues, and these errors help to find them. In a nutshell, Paramount+ errors help to pinpoint the problem. Moreover, it allows us to determine whether the problem is from our end or the provider’s end.

Furthermore, the platform shows several errors for specific problems, making it easier to differentiate between them. Today, we’ll enlist these errors and their solutions in this streaming guide. So without any further ado, let’s get started in the next section of this article.

Different Paramount Plus errors and their fixes

What Are The Different Types Of Errors On Paramount+? Everything On The Annoying Errors
Image Credit: Paramount+

Most common Paramount Plus error codes, followed by their causes and appropriate fixes:

1. Codes 4201 & 1200

While ad-blockers undoubtedly help with browsing by preventing all the unwanted ads and pop-ups, it also interrupts the streaming services like Paramount Plus. When using the platform, you might encounter error codes 4201 & 1200. These generally occur due to ad blockers and the firewall of your system. Now let’s quickly shed some light on its solutions.


  1. Disable any ad-blocker plugins installed on your browser, and try refreshing the official Paramount Plus site again.
  2. If the site still doesn’t work, ensure that firewall isn’t blocking access to the Paramount Plus network.
  3. Finally, make sure that the anti-virus on your system isn’t considered the platform’s app or website as a threat.

2. Codes 1106, 6999, 3002, 3005, 6290 & 6310

These error codes appear due to apps malfunctioning on your mobile or other devices. So the simple solution to them is to force stop the app or reboot the device and try using it again. However, if the problem still persists, then head over to this page for the troubleshooting process.

3. Code 7

Running the latest Paramount+ app on an outdated browser is next to impossible, and this error proves it. The Code 7 error appears due to the incompatible version of your browser. So let’s have a glance at its easy solution.


  1. Generally, this arises in the Chrome browser, and like the problem, its answer is also simple. You need to update your browser on your laptop or PC to the latest version and relaunch it.

4. Code 14

Code 14 also appears due to the outdated version of your system. Unlike, it is caused due to your Windows. So make sure your Windows version is up-to-date and restart your computer to avoid this problem.

5. Code 111

This annoying error appears due to a sudden power failure. So, you need to reboot your system properly and try reaccessing the platform.

6. Code 404

The Paramount+ website users might be familiar with this code. It arises due to the cookies on our system. You can easily avoid it by following two simple steps:

  1. Clear the cookies on your browser.
  2. Now try refreshing the website and browser to continue watching your favourite shows.

7. Codes 3004 & 3205

Both of these problems interrupt our viewing experience due to internet issues from our end. We simply need to reboot the router by following three simple steps:

  1. Unplug the ‘Power Chord.’
  2. Wait for 10 seconds and re-plug it back into the source.
  3. Now try streaming it again on Paramount+.

8. Code 3200

This error will sometimes occur while using Paramount+ on devices like Smart TVs, consoles, and Chromecast. You need hard reset your devices to avoid this error code.

9. Code 6320

While this error rarely appears on the platform, it is still bothersome. We can avoid it simply by following two simple steps:

  1. Force close the Paramount Plus app on your Fire TV or Android TV device.
  2. Now clear app data, and cache. Finally, open the app again, and it should be working fine.

Errors do help in identifying the problems so we can quickly fix them. However, getting interrupted while watching your favorite beating, the villain, is troublesome. We totally understand your pain and have tried to cover all the possible issues in this streaming guide. If you want solutions to any other problems on paramount plus, then let us know in the comments section below.

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