What Is SoundCloud? How Can You Use It?

What is SoundCloud?

With a massive 250 million-track library, SoundCloud is the world’s largest music and audio platform. It is open, free, and community-based, which means artists and fans connect directly with each other. You can get started with it for free. However, if you wish to upgrade, SoundCloud has paid plans for listeners and creators.

SoundCloud is a serious audio streaming app backed by over 30 million artists from 190 countries. If you’re searching for a track on the platform, you’re likely to see a lot of covers and alternatives to it. This is helpful if you’re exploring new artists or modern iterations of your favorite tracks.

What can you do with SoundCloud?

How can you use SoundCloud?
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You can access SoundCloud from its website or download Android and iOS apps. You can also stream from Sonos, Chromecast, and Xbox One apps. The platform has both free and paid plans, and you can choose a plan based on what you’re going to do. SoundCloud is an audio streaming platform where you can not only listen but also create and upload your art.

There are two plans for listeners and two plans for creators. The Go+ plan is intended for those who are listeners but want to start creating music too. Here are the various SoundCloud plans and what you can do with them.

For Listeners

SoundCloud has three plans for listeners. The basic one is the free plan, where you can sign up and start streaming. It is ad-supported, and you don’t have access to some of the premium tracks and features. Then there’s SoundCloud Go, which gets you offline listening and removes the ads.

Lastly, if you’re a listener, but a bit of a creator, too, you can subscribe to the Go+ plan. This plan lets you access the full catalog of high-quality audio. Go+ also brings DJ tools integration.

For Creators

SoundCloud is one of the best platforms for audio artists. It is among our most serious Spotify alternatives for the same reason. You can sign up for Repost through SoundCloud, a distribution service. It’ll cost you $30 a year, and you’ll get added features like SoundCloud exclusive features like Track Background Art, Featured Profiles, and Banner Click-Throughs.

If you’re willing to shell out some more money, you can go with the Pro Unlimited plan that’ll set you back $144/year. This plan comes with access to advanced insights, lossless HD storage, and advanced controls for your SoundCloud profile.

How is SoundCloud different from Spotify?

You can use Spotify to listen to tracks, like them, dislike them, and share them ahead. SoundCloud opens up more possibilities like reposting tracks and playlists to your stream, following artists, and creating a community of your own.

Despite its clean interface, SoundCloud can be a learning experience for some, whereas Spotify has an advantage. If you’re looking for a simpler music streaming service, you’re better off with Spotify. Music recommendations are almost at par in both services, but I prefer SoundCloud’s playlists.

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