10 Shows Like 1899 To Watch Next

10 Shows Like 1899 To Watch Next
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1899, a Netflix period sci-fi TV series set in the titular year, revolves around a passenger ship traveling from London to New York. When the captain receives a signal indicating the location of a missing ship, he takes a detour. When the crew arrives at the location, they discover an abandoned ship named Prometheus. Unexplainable events begin to occur, leading the passengers to question what is real and what is not.

‘1899,’ created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, is the pinnacle of a mind-bending story. The way the creators bring characters, past trauma, and relationships together under mysterious circumstances is truly exceptional. Furthermore, the story appears to be a puzzle that immerses the audience and creates a sense of curiosity until the end. If you like the genre and want more recommendations, we’ve got you! Here are 10 shows like 1899 you can watch next.

10 shows like1899 to watch next

10. The OA (Netflix)

The OA revolves around the main character of Prairie Johnson, a young lady who reappears after missing for seven years. Even worse is the fact that she was blind before going missing but is now able to see. She starts carrying out her plan as the police and the woman’s adoptive parents attempt to understand why this is happening.

The most exciting aspect of seeing The OA and 1899 in a larger context is Prairie’s resemblance to the Prometheus. Although it is an inanimate object, Prometheus plays a comparable role to Prairie in the main plot, even though Prometheus vanished for only four months as opposed to Prairie’s seven-year absence. In addition, the unexplained reappearance of the ship is comparable to her return. From here on, the plots of both shows diverge, but the foundations are the same.

9. Glitch (Netflix)

The Australian TV show Glitch, which is based in the small town of Yoorana, Victoria, follows police detective James Hayes as he works to solve a case involving seven people who come back to life. Overnight, these corpses emerge from the ground, seemingly forgetting who they once were. The seven characters in Glitch are similar to those in 1899, despite the fact that 1899 is not set in a tiny town.
Few of the passengers in 1899 have a link, which is essential to the story.

Similar to this, in Glitch, the seven are connected in ways that the spectator is not immediately aware of. In both shows, viewers strive to draw conclusions as the plot develops by piecing together tidbits of information. This makes the audience remain engaged until all the loose ends are tied.

8. Counterpart (Amazon Prime Video, VUDU)

Counterpart is a sci-fi thriller series based on the idea that the world has two dimensions. It follows Howard Silk (J. K. Simmons), a low-level employee at a United Nations agency who discovers the portal between the two dimensions. The shocking revelation opens his eyes to the world he lives in, and he realizes there’s something bigger going on in the background.

One intriguing parallel between Counterpart and 1899 is how both shows appear to steal elements from real-world events and theories. In Counterpart, for example, the cold war between the two dimensions is reminiscent of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. Similarly, the basic premise of 1889, which involves a missing ship adrift in the sea, is reminiscent of conspiracy theories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Though these parallels are only a minor part of the story, they pique the interest of the audience.

7. Manifest (Netflix)

Manifest is a supernatural mystery TV series about the disappearance of a passenger flight and its reappearance after five years. When the presumed-dead passengers try to figure out what occurred, chaos ensues. Manifest, like a few other shows in this category, is a work of fiction whose greater premise is linked to real-life events. Similarly, 1899 is a fictional story related with conspiracy theories around the Devil’s Triangle. Aside from that, the protagonists’ unusual experiences bear some resemblance to the characters of Manifest.

6. Departure (Peacock)

Departure is a suspense drama series concerning the disappearance and subsequent crash of a plane over the Atlantic Ocean. When a TSIB officer is assigned to the investigation, she gets a whiff of a massive scheme involving people well beyond her reach. Although there are no sci-fi themes in the episode, a few thin threads connect it to the plot of 1899.

The primary plot that the audience is aware of is one of the key similarities between the two shows. The show capitalizes on this assumption to keep the audience’s interest and develops on it. Another similarity between the two scenarios is how they persuade the listener that something far worse is going on in the background. Aside from this, a few traditional suspense and mystery elements keep them on edge until the very last second.

5. Homecoming (Amazon Prime Video)

Homecoming, an Amazon Prime psychological thriller TV series based on Gimlet Media’s eponymous podcast, is about Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts), an ex-soldier who works as a waitress. She used to work at a facility called Homecoming, which helps soldiers transition from military to civilian life. Heidi is approached by a Defense Administrator who asks why she left the facility, but she has no recollection of her time there. This leads her down a depressing path where she discovers disturbing answers to all of her questions.

Several Homecoming tropes appear to be present in 1899, including a character losing their memory, the dark reality of a seemingly ordinary location, and others. Heidi’s inability to recall her time at Homecoming, for example, is analogous to a passenger’s struggle to recall her actual past in 1899. Furthermore, the audience is likely to be perplexed by a few more surprisingly familiar tropes.

4. Sense8 (Netflix)

Another sci-fi drama series that will leave you wanting more is Sense8. It revolves around eight people from all over the world who have a strong bond. The Wachowski sisters and J. Michael Straczynski created the show, which follows how people discover their connection and the dark past that binds them through supernatural phenomena.

What truly brings these people together in each show is their shared trauma. In 1899, a few passengers are haunted by their disturbing secrets. It’s one of the reasons they’re all together on the ship. While these characters do not appear to be as closely linked as those in Sense8, trauma plays a significant role in their interactions and motivations. The audience may also notice parallels in the character arcs of both shows, which offer fascinating insights into the human psyche.

3. Severance (Apple TV+)

Severance is yet another fantastic show that converts the fundamental premise of workplace drama into something new. The show is a sci-fi psychological thriller created by Ben Stiller that follows Mark (Adam Scott), an employee of Lumon. His memory, like many others who work there, is divided into workplace and non-workplace experiences. When one of the employees goes missing outside of work, Mark and his colleagues decide to learn more about themselves and the firm they work for.

One of the most striking parallels between Severance and 1899 is how their stories are inextricably linked to the mechanics of their respective worlds. Both series’ creators have devised complex rules that govern how various incidents occur and how the characters react to them. Furthermore, both shows feature enigmatic characters about whom the audience knows very little. All of these elements combine to create an excellent story that leaves the audience thinking long after the episode has ended.

2. Westworld (HBO)

One of the notable sci-fi shows on the list is HBO’s Westworld, which chronicles how an AI-operated Western theme park for elite people leads humanity to dystopia. 1899 and Westworld are similar yet distinct. The creators use similar tropes to create distinct narratives that are equally compelling. While the latter is set in the future, the Netflix series takes place in the nineteenth century.

Both shows, however, blur the borders between reality and fiction. Furthermore, we observe how technology and symbolism play an important role in both shows. Several other elements contribute to the layered storytelling style, which piques the audience’s interest and compels them to make sense of everything they see.

1. Dark (Netflix)

Dark is one of the most mind-bending shows that turns time travel on its head. It is the first German original series made on Netflix, created by the makers of 1899. The story is set in a small German town and follows four families whose past, present, and future are intertwined with the town’s turbulent history. Because the two series’ creators are the same, there are likely to be some parallels.

Dark, like 1899, is a complicated puzzle that demands your concentration from beginning to the end. Both shows have repeating symbols that have deep meanings and provide hints as to where the tale is going. Furthermore, the unexpected twists and turns shift the entire tale and leave the spectator with more questions than answers. Nonetheless, all loose ends are neatly tied in the end, providing the audience with a satisfying conclusion.

With that said, which of the above mentioned shows are you the most excited to watch next? Let us know in the comments down below.

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