Where To Watch ‘Loki’ Series Online? Can I Stream It Free On Disney+?

Watch Loki TV Show Online Marvel Disney+

If you’re a fan of Loki, God of Thunder’s villainous brother, then sit back and relax as a new TV show is here. The show produced by Marvel Studios takes a deep dive into Loki’s character, played by the English actor Tom Hiddleston. Now, if you’re wondering where to watch the Loki TV show online, here’s what you need to know.

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Loki Season 1 Release Date And Time: Is It Out Yet?

The upcoming series based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe is scheduled to arrive on June 9. The first episode will premier on June 9 — midnight PT or 8 am GMT.

Here also, we’ll see Hiddleston playing the character of Loki – a sensitive, thoughtful, and intelligent person who tries to create chaos with his strategic mindset. Not to mention, his shape-shifting abilities are a big addition to the thrill. That’s why he’s also called the God of Mischief.

Where to watch Loki Season 1?

Since it’s a Marvel TV series, Loki will be available on the Disney+ streaming service, where you can also find the rest of the MCU and Disney content. In India, the streaming service is available as Disney+ Hotstar.

While the first episode will arrive on June 9, Disney will release consecutive episodes by July 14. So, if you’re someone who likes to binge-watch all episodes at once, you’ll have to wait for a few days and stay away from all the spoilers on the internet.

Can I Stream Loki Season 1 For Free?

Sadly, Disney+ free trial is unavailable in countries like the US and the UK where Disney+ was launched in the first phase. However, a one-month trial is still available in Japan; so you can try it out using a VPN service.

disney+ free trial in japan

Another way of getting free Disney+ for Loki streaming is Verizon’s free Disney+ on US offer. You can check out this page and see if your current plan qualifies for a six-month free Disney+ subscription. You can use the same method to watch Cruella for free on Disney+.

verizon disney on us plan

Watching Loki For Free On Disney+ Hotstar India

Unfortunately, Disney+ doesn’t offer a free trial in India. Therefore, it’s not directly possible to stream the show without a Hotstar VIP subscription. Viewers across the U.S. can also get Disney+ as part of the Hulu bundle, as the free trial is not available in the region.

In India, Disney+ is often bundled as part of the internet plans by many ISPs, and most of those offer the Disney+ Hotsar VIP plan. You can check out the following plans to watch Loki Season 1 online for free as part of VIP tier.

Free Disney+ Hoststar VIP on Airtel India

The Indian telecom giant Bharti Airtel offers no-cost Hotstar streaming with the following prepaid and broadband plans:

Airtel PlansPrice (Rs)Speed (Mbps)Validity/Data
Prepaid (Disney+ for 1 yr)401
28D/3GB per day
56D/2GB per day
365D/2GB per day
Postpaid (Disney+ 1Yr)499
Until Plan ends

Free Disney+ Hotsar VIP on Vi

hotstar 1 year free with vi plans

Vi (Vodafone Idea) offer the Hotstar VIP subscription on the following plans:

Vi Prepaid (DIsney+ 1Yr)401
365D/1.5GB per day
Vi Postpaid (Disney+ 1Yr)499

Why Should You Watch Loki Season 1?

Of course, the new Loki TV show is a rejoice for the fans of Marvel and the God of Mischief. The series follows the timeline after Avengers: Endgame, where an alternate time-variant version of Loki ended up creating a new timeline.

When facing the Time Variance Authority (TVA), the other Loki has to choose between getting wiped from existence or help the TVA fix the timeline he messed up. The action-packed series explores how Loki tries to make things better or worse.

So, here’s how you can watch the Loki TV show online. Although there isn’t much success when trying to find free options, the trailer did make us excited enough.

How many episodes are there in Loki Season 1?

Season 1 consists of 6 episodes which will be released in the coming weeks. Each Loki episode will be around 45 minutes in length.

Can I Stream Loki Season 1 on Netflix?

Being a Marvel series owned by Disney, the chances are very less.

How is Loki Series connected to MCU? Is it a prequel?

The Loki TV show is part of MCU Phase 4 and explores the events after Avengers: Endgame. Some also assume the series to be a prequel because the God of Mischief would be busy manipulating past events.

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