A New Agent In Valorant Episode 3 ‘Confirmed’ In Leaked Footage

Leaked Footage Reveals Valorant Might Get A New Agent In Episode 3 Afterall

Riot Games’ popular FPS game has been a fan-favorite ever since its launch. While Valorant boasts a list of amazing agents with various abilities you can think of, there is always room for one more. Interestingly, leaked footage reveals what could be a newly leaked agent’s ability in the game.

We are aware that with each new episode, Valorant releases something new for its players, be it a new agent or a new map. Furthermore, with Episode 3 just around the corner, players are confident about a new agent.

Meanwhile, the last patch notes of Valorant’s episode 2 just got released today (patch 2.11), and you can read them here.

Will there be a new Valorant agent in episode 3?

Twitter user @cynprel posted a video showcasing one of the abilities that the agent would have. The ability seems to be working in a kind of fashion that suppresses the abilities of players on opposing teams.

Here is where things get interesting; a while back, one of the Valorant devs revealed that an upcoming agent would “create moments where you must rely on your gunplay.” After connecting the dots, it seems like the new agent would have an EMP-like ability that would be used to suppress the abilities of enemies around it.

However, this isn’t where the leaks end. A Valorant leaker, @floxayyy, also revealed some interesting information about the potential new agent in Valorant episode 3. In a tweet, the leaker revealed new tags for the upcoming leaked agent in Valorant (possibly in episode 3).

According to the tweet, the leaked agent is codenamed “Grenadier,” and here are the tags the leaker found –

  • “SuppressionAssist”
  • “Assist.Suppression”
  • “Suppressed”
  • “Buffs.HUD.Suppressed”

If one analyzes all the new Valorant agent leaked information, it seems like the agent could be a controller type; that is our guess. Moreover, the knife shown in the teaser is somehow related to one of the leaked agent’s abilities.

As far as how the ability would work, we’re unsure; we’ll have to wait until Valorant releases some information regarding the leaked Valorant agent.

As always, readers should take this information about the leak with a hefty amount of salt as nothing is certain unless we hear something official from Riot’s side. Let’s wait till Valorant episode 3 drops, and we’ll see for ourselves the truth to these leaks.

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