Call Of Duty Mobile Surpasses 300 Million Players In Its First year

Call Of Duty Mobile Surpasses 300 Million Players In Its First year

Activision launched Call of Duty Mobile last year in October, and within a year, it is one of the biggest mobile video games. Call of Duty Mobile became one of the fastest-growing mobile games after 150 million downloads in its first month.

Now, as Activision celebrates Call of Duty Mobile’s successful first year, the studio announced that the mobile game had garnered more than 300 million downloads worldwide.

Activision Blizzard announced the whooping numbers through a tweet featuring Matt Lewis, Sr. Director for Mobile Product Management at Activision.

In the video, Lewis states that the mobile game has completed 300 million downloads worldwide. According to Lewis, various factors were at play for Call of Duty Mobile’s incredible success, one of them being the “unrivaled” pace of the new updates and content.

“Every month, there’s a new season in COD Mobile, and within each season, there’s just so much free content for players to access and grind,” said Matt Lewis in the video.

Interestingly, Lewis also pointed out that players will be getting some major updates in COD Mobile in the coming days. There will be new play areas in the battle royale map, which is pretty exciting. Also, COD Mobile Multiplayer will be getting some of the most iconic maps and game modes from the franchise.

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For those of you who don’t know, Call of Duty Mobile recently released one of the biggest updates to celebrate its first anniversary. The Season 11 update introduced the much-awaited ‘Alcatraz‘ map for battle royale, which is incredibly fun to play. Moreover, the game released several new game modes and maps in Multiplayer, including the upcoming Halloween Standoff map.

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