New Android Malware Uses Motion Sensors To Stay Hidden

Android Malware
Source: portal gda/flickr

Security measures are not the only ones seeing improvements! Malicious apps are also figuring out new ways to enhance its working, and one such Android malware proves this.

According to a report by ArsTechnica, a new Android malware makes use of the motion sensors of Android smartphones to hide itself before infecting the device.

The method used is to befool the various security measures taken to get rid of malware. For instance, security researchers typically use Android emulators to detect malicious apps. Now, these aren’t actual smartphones and hence do not use any sensors.

Also, the emulators aren’t coded to emulate motion by default because it is deemed unnecessary. Malware authors used this loophole to create malicious apps that will stay inactive if they don’t detect motion from the smartphone.

This method effectively hides them while being tested on the emulators. But once they are downloaded on devices with motion sensors, they proceed further to install Trojans in the smartphones that can steal sensitive information and credentials of the users.

Security firm Trend Micro detected such malware present on two apps, namely, BatterySaverMobi and Currency Converter. Both the apps have been taken down from the Google Play Store once they were discovered as malicious.

The apps didn’t record more than 5,000 downloads which ensures that the amount of damage caused is less. But it sure makes a point that malicious app coders are getting smarter and enhancing their capabilities, hence users must ensure they download apps cautiously from verified sources only.

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