Tiny Core Linux 7.2 Released With New Features — A Blazing Fast 16MB Linux Distro


tiny core linux 7.2

Short Bytes: The Core Project has recently announced the release of Tiny Core Linux 7.2. Tiny Core Linux is one of the smallest operating systems based on Linux kernel. TinyCore, the operating system’s popular version, is just 16MB in size and comes with a simple and fast GUI.

What is Tiny Core?

Before telling about the latest release of Tiny Core Linux, I’ll be taking a moment to introduce the Linux-freshers to Tiny Core. It’s not your usual Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Mint with an attractive boot screen and stock wallpapers.

Tiny Core–one of the tiniest computer OS based on Linux kernel–keeps itself small and helps you get things done. This fast, flexible, and powerful operating system could become a great tool if you are skilled in command line tools and simple shell scripting.

tiny core linux 7.2 terminal
Tiny Core Linux Terminal

The user has complete control over the Tiny Core Linux distro whose popular TinyCore version is just 16MB in size — about 1/400 to 1/100 the size of the popular operating systems.

Tiny Core comes with a fully-customizable desktop with very few end-user software. However, selecting and installing your preferred tools is easy.

If you wish to read more about Tiny Core Linux, visit their website.

Tiny Core Linux 7.2 Released

tiny core linux 7.2 bootscreen
Tiny Core Bootscreen

Tiny Core Linux comes in multiple variants — Core, Core Plus, and TinyCore. While Core and TinyCore versions are available for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, Core Plus is only developed for x86 platforms.

tiny core linux 7.2 open application
Tiny Core Linux Open Application

The Tiny Core Linux 7.2 release doesn’t bring many major changes to the table. The new features coming to the operating system include ondemand improvements made in the tc-function script.

As another major change in Tiny Core Linux 7.2, ondemand will no longer start by itself. Also, the “clear” command has been shifted to the end of the rcS script.

Read the release announcement to know about other little changes.

If you are willing to give Tiny Core Linux a try, you can grab all three versions here at their website.

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