12 Most Beautiful Linux Distros To Use In 2019

Linux users have the liberty to enjoy unparalleled freedom while choosing the Linux distributions as per their needs. Using different open source technologies, the developers keep creating something new and surprising for enthusiasts. Here, in this article, I’ll be listing the most beautiful Linux distros that have impressed me and other Linux users. This list is a mixture of newcomers and popular distros.

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Most beautiful Linux operating systems for 2019

1. elementary OS

elementary-os-0-4-loki-default-wallpaperAfter Linux Mint and Zorin OS, elementary OS is probably the most popular Ubuntu-derivative. It promotes itself as a “fast and open” replacement for macOS and Windows. There are tons of Linux distros around that are widely used, but elementary OS focuses mainly on non-technical users who are fed up with Windows, and young developers who are new to the open source world. Its development started as a set of themes and apps designed for Ubuntu, so the visual appeal shouldn’t turn out to be surprising.

This beautiful Linux distro borrows some tricks from macOS for its slick interface that prefers to deliver a clutter-free experience to the users. The OS ships without many default Ubuntu applications, replacing them with many lightweight alternatives. It comes with the homegrown Pantheon desktop environment that looks polished and delivers with a lightweight experience. In case you’re having a tough time adapting to Ubuntu’s recent shift from Unity, you can give elementary OS a try.

Why use elementary OS?

  • macOS-like look
  • Lightweight and efficient DE
  • Selected set of applications

2. feren OS

feren os
feren OS is based on Linux Mint. What makes it one of the most visually attractive Linux distro is its tweaked Cinnamon desktop environment. It promises to deliver an experience that’ll match beat aesthetics of macOS and Windows operating systems. feren OS is a rolling release Linux distribution.

The look and feel of feren OS is familiar; there are a Windows-like start button and taskbar that have all the useful icons. The start menu is intuitively designed as clicking on an option opens a submenu. The Theme Changer tool lets you play with icons, setup, background, etc., so, do check it out. Overall, feren OS, apart from being a beautiful Linux distribution and an eye candy, it’s familiar and innovative.

Why use feren OS?

  • Familiar desktop, start menu
  • Clean, flat design
  • Modern looks, beginner friendly

3. Deepin

Deepin Linux is an open source, Chinese Linux distribution that aims to offer a clean and visually appealing interface to Linux users. We cover the latest Deepin Linux developments from time to time on Fossbytes and receive great feedback. The latest release of Deepin introduced a new blur and transparency style to the Control Center and desktop, which makes the overall look more appealing. It features homegrown desktop named “Deepin Desktop Environment,” or DDE.

Deepin Linux, one the prettiest Linux distros around, also comes with Hot Corners and Gestures that make your Linux desktop experience refreshing. Another striking feature of Deepin is its pleasing installer, which makes sure that your experience isn’t sub-par at any stage. It comes with Deepin Store that provides lots of applications that aren’t available in the Ubuntu Store.

Why choose Deepin?

  • Innovative features
  • Visual appeal
  • Deepin Store
  • Simple and easy-to-use installer

4. Solus OS

solus os linux desktopWhile this list features many derivatives of popular Linux distros, Solus tries to set itself apart from that crowd. In a very short period of time, Solus has established itself as one of the fastest growing and coolest Linux distros around. It follows the minimalist approach and sports a flat and modern look. It earns the tag of one of the most breathtaking Linux distros around with the help of its Budgie desktop environment.

Budgie desktop is built on top of GNOME but it doesn’t feature Shell. There’s a main menu to access the available applications. On the right side of the screen, you get Raven, which hosts applets, notifications, etc. Solus has recently added support for Snaps from the Ubuntu Snappy Store, which is one of my favorite latest additions to the operating system.

Why choose Solus?

  • One of the fastest growing new distros
  • Budgie desktop
  • Support for Snaps
  • Things just work out of the box

5. Chrome OS


Many users who aren’t well acquainted with Linux or Chrome OS must be surprised to see this entry on the list of best looking Linux distros. For those who don’t know, Chrome OS is actually a Gentoo Linux-based distribution created by Google. You can consider Google Chrome as its desktop environment and it mainly supports web applications. So, if you’re looking for a neat and clean-looking option for regular web browsing and video streaming purposes, Chrome OS is the perfect option. Just recently, Google also made it easier to run Linux apps on Chrome OS and made Chromebooks even more appealing.

Why go for Chrome OS?

  • Lots of low-cost Chromebook options to choose from
  • Perfect for web-centric workloads
  • Always-synced Google account on all devices — it’s only a positive if you prefer that kind of thing

6. Nitrux

nitrux linux distro

Nitrux is the newest Linux distro on this list of most beautiful operating systems for 2019. You’ll take a single look at the distro and find that it has been created with design in mind. It’s worth noting that Nitrux is based on the Ubuntu unstable dev branch. Nitrux ships with the Nomad desktop environment, which is based on KDE Plasma 5 and Qt.

The developers of Nitrux OS have worked hard to distinguish themselves from the usual crop of Linux distros shipping with KDE desktop. It’s also important to mention that the same team behind the current Nitrux distribution had previously created another distro with the same name. This cool distro ships with custom-made software. It’s based on a rolling release model and only available for 64-bit systems.

Why choose Nitrux OS?

  • Own custom-made apps
  • Beautiful desktop UI
  • Minimalist approach

7. KDE Neon

kde-neon-5-8-screenshot-widgetsIf you are a KDE loyalist who is looking for a beautiful and lightweight Linux experience, look no further. KDE Neon calls itself the provider of the latest and greatest KDE software packaged on a rock solid Ubuntu LTS base. As for the looks, KDE Neon developers know how to master the flat-looking themes. There are a number of useful widgets that you can add to the desktop with ease. Distro’s menu is straightforward and user-friendly.

The strength of KDE Neon also lies in its promise of delivering a rock solid desktop with its cutting edge features. With this good looking Linux distro, you get the stability of LTS, get all the stuff done, and enjoy a slick experience. The software choice too is pretty balanced. Go ahead and try this Linux eye candy as your daily driver.

Why use KDE Neon?

  • Latest KDE software
  • Solid Ubuntu LTS base
  • Bug-free, beautiful, flat theme

8. Pop!_OS

System76’s Pop!_OS is the youngest member of this collection of the most beautiful Linux distributions. This operating system came into existence when Canonical decided to ditch Unity and more to GNOME. To provide a customized and fresh experience to its customers, Pop!_OS came into existence.

While its desktop is based on GNOME, it bears a distinct appeal and minimalistic approach. If you’re bored with your current desktop and an Ubuntu-based and cool looking Linux distro appeals to you, look no further.

Why choose Pop!_OS?

  • Fresh look, minimalist approach
  • Soothing color themes
  • Designed for creatives in the computer science field

9. Antergos

antergos os

Like Manjaro Linux, Antergos is another Arch-based option that ships with the GNOME 3 desktop environment as the default. The makers of this great looking distro call it an OS designed with simplicity in mind. Antergos’ other similarity with Manjaro is its out of the box experience that doesn’t require many steps on your part to use it for daily purposes. To make the experience more appealing, it ships with exclusive icons and desktop themes from the Numix project.

Why choose Antergos?

  • Simple to use, a rolling distro
  • Great out of the box experience

10. Zorin OS

Zorin OS is one of the most popular Linux distros on this list for 2018. Started in 2008, over the years, this visually appealing Linux desktop has established itself as a perfect Windows replacement. Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu, so working on terminal won’t need new skills. The installation process is very similar.

This Linux distro also comes with a useful set of applications that make your daily life easier. Zorin also comes with built-in Wine compatibility layer to let you install your favorite Windows applications inside Linux. Shipped with the GNOME desktop, Zorin really shines and aims to become your daily driver.

Why choose Zorin OS?

  • Familiarity of Windows
  • Popular distro, great support
  • Polished and rock solid Linux desktop experience

11. Manjaro Linux

manjaro linux 18.0
Manjaro Linux 18.0

Manjaro is my favorite Linux distribution and keeps popping up in almost all may lists of best Linux distros due to its versatility, speed, great looks, low-resource usage, and performance. Based on Arch Linux, this beautiful open source operating system focuses a lot on making the Linux usage experience a lot smoother. The primary Xfce desktop with Manjaro tweaks looks very eye pleasing with its green theme.

Why choose Manjaro?

  • A very helpful and fast growing community
  • Versatile distro that’s easy to use
  • Fast and lightweight

12. Maui Linux

maui linux

In 2016, the developers of Netrunner Rolling turned a Ubuntu-based version of Netrunner Desktop into Maui Linux. This Linux distro has been rebased on KDE Neon. The KDE software parts used here are KDE Plasma, KDE Applications, Frameworks, and Qt libraries. The distro also features non-KDE software as well, including Firefox, VLC, Thunderbird, etc. The It’s an LTS and beautiful operating system that keeps on getting security updates.

Why choose Maui Linux?

  • Stable KDE Neon/Ubuntu base
  • Updated packages
  • KDE Plasma desktop and KDE technologies

What do you think? Which one is the prettiest?

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Don’t forget to share your personal favorite beautiful Linux distro. We’ll be glad to know your feedback in the comments below.

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