Paramount+ Vs. FuboTV: Here’s Everything To Know

Paramount+ VS Fubo TV: Here's Everything To Know
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In modern times we all are bound to watch our titles online. With this development, many new platforms have arrived on the market. Sometimes choosing from many options is both comforting and frightening. For starters, if you’re looking for a platform to replace our regular cable. We still have many choices, including FuboTV, Paramount+, sling TV, etc.

Today, we’ll pick FuboTV and Paramount+ to find out which is better for you. FuboTV is an on-demand streaming platform that has more than 90 channels. On the other hand, Paramount+ is similar to Netflix but has a Live TV feature for the subscriber. While they both look enticing, only one is best for you.

Furthermore, the two streaming platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing between them, we must go in-depth and find the one fulfilling our needs. With that being said, let’s get started with our guide down below.

FuboTV vs. Paramount+

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Whenever we look for new streaming platforms, we need to consider a lot of parameters. . These factors include affordability, content library, geographical availability, supported devices, basic features like parental controls, multiple streaming, internet consumption, etc. We will also start our comparison based on these parameters as well.

1. Prices


Subscription PlansPrice/monthLive TVNo. Channels
Elite $84.99Yes213
Premier$94.99Yes213 with 4K quality
Latino$32.99Yes40 Spanish channels


Subscription PlansPrice/monthLive TVNo. of channels
Essential Plan$4.99No24*7 national news
Premium Plan$9.99Yes6

We can observe that Paramount+ is much cheaper than FuboTV. However, it will not replace your cable because of its limited channels. Moreover, only a few platforms in this price range provide these many features.

2. Content Library

PlatformPopular MoviesPopular TV ShowsPopular CartoonsOriginals
Misery and much more.
Shark tank
American Pickers
The First 48
Live PD and much more.
PAW Patrol
Peppa Pig
Teen Titans
Dora the Explorer
Paramount+A Quiet Place
Panic Room
Top Gun: Maverick
Criminal Minds
Beavis and Butt-Head
Seal Team
Nickelodeon Channel
Beavis and Butt-Head

The Good Fight, etc.

FuboTV is giving neck-to-neck competition to Paramount+ in the content library. Moreover, if you want the original shows, Paramount+ is a perfect choice. Keeping all that in mind, let’s shed some light on their Live TV feature.

3. Live TV

FuboTV’s popular channelsParamount+ popular channels
Univision Comedy Central
UniMásSmithsonian Channel

In terms of live TV channels, FuboTV can replace your cable as it offers more than 100 channels. Although it might seem a bit expensive, we can safely state that Fubo provides value for money experience.

4. Geographic Availability

United StatesUnited States
The Nordics
South Korea

5. Supported Devices

Amazon Fire StickAmazon Fire Sticks and Cubes
 Android OS 5.0 or higherAndroid and iOS devices
Android TV/Google TVApple TV
Apple TV, iPhonesChromecast
HisenseGaming consoles
LG TV, Samsung Smart TVLG Smart TVs
Vizio SmartCast TVRoku devices
Xbox OneSamsung Smart TVs
RokuVizio Smart TVs

6. Basic features

Free trial7-days7-days
HD or above video qualityYesYes
No. of profiles66
Simultaneous Streaming3 devices3 devices
Parental ControlsYesNo
Offline ViewingYesYes
Internet Consumption1.21-1.7 (GB/hr)540 (MB/hr)

So which one to choose?

Paramount+ and FuboTV have their own pros and cons. Moreover, it all comes down to the user and their needs. In my opinion, if you’re looking to replace your regular cable, then FuboTV is the best option. Moreover, it is a treat for sports fans as they provide many sports channels.

When it comes to affordability, Paramount+ is the leading choice, even over the top ruling giants like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, etc. Furthermore, it also gives more on-demand shows than FuboTV. However, Paramount+ will not provide a lot of live channels.

That’s all we have for this article. While you’re here, check out our similar comparison between Hulu+Live TV and FuboTV.

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