Explained: How To Reset Windows 11 Using Settings?

how to reset windows 11

Windows 11 is already here and running on a majority of new computers and laptops in 2022. The newest version of Windows brought new features and designs to the masses. If you are already running Windows 11 on your PC and facing issues, you might want to take a fresh start. This guide will help you reset Windows 11.

Microsoft’s new Windows release is just like its other releases, full of new features and issues. If you want to know your way around the new OS, you can always refer to our in-depth Windows 11 guides. Moving on, here’s how to reset your Windows installation using the in-built Settings app.

Reset Windows 11 via Settings

Microsoft added a new way to reset Windows back in 2020, known as Cloud Download. Basically, it downloads a fresh copy of Windows and installs it. This method is useful if you are facing a critical issue.

1. Click on the Start Menu icon and open the Settings app or press Ctrl+I.

open settings app
Opening Settings

2. Navigate to Windows Update > Advanced Options. Click on the Recovery button.

Advanced Options
Advanced options in Settings

3. In the Recovery section, you will see an option labeled as Reset this PC. Click on the Reset PC button to reset your Windows 11 PC.

Reset Page in Settings
Reset PC option

4. You will be given a choice to keep your files on the PC or erase everything. Choose your preferred option to continue.

choosing whether to keep files
Choose whether to keep user files

5. Then, choose from Cloud download, which downloads a fresh copy of Windows and installs it, or Local reinstall, which will reset the Windows 11 PC locally.

windows reset options
Reset options

6. Finally, a screen will appear showing what will happen during the reset and a final prompt. Click on Reset to begin the process.

final reset prompt
Final Reset prompt

That’s it. Now, Windows will begin the reset process, and it might take around 45 mins to complete depending on your hardware and what download option you chose.

This is how you can reset Windows 11 with ease. Do you prefer resetting the PC or doing a clean install? Let us know in the comments below.

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