What Is Apple Digital Legacy? How To Add Legacy Contacts?

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Apple Digital Legacy is an iOS 15 feature that allows you to leave your data to your loved ones after your demise. Apple introduced the feature in June 2021. However, it only recently made it to users with iOS 15.2 and macOS 12.1.

If you’re someone’s Digital Legacy contact, you can save their data like photos, videos, notes, and more. All of your documents and other personal data are stored in your iCloud ID, which is encrypted and password protected.

In the event of your death, Digital Legacy is a way to pass it down to the people you trust. Apple verifies documents like a death certificate and often a court order before giving anyone access to your digital legacy. This feature is safe and secure to set up.

What data is available for Digital Legacy?

Your digital legacy contacts can download all of your data and information. Here are the things you can pass down to your legacy contacts:

  • Calendars
  • Call History
  • Contacts
  • Health data
  • iCloud backup and files
  • iCloud Photos
  • Mail
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Safari data (bookmarks, reading lists, tab groups)
  • Voice memos

However, Apple doesn’t give all your data to your trusted contacts. These are the following items that won’t pass down to your legacy contacts:

  • Apple ID payment information or saved cards.
  • Licensed media like films, books, and music.
  • iCloud Keychain usernames, passwords, and other credentials.
  • In-app purchases, subscriptions, and in-game currencies.

These exclusions ensure that your loved ones get your data, but the rest of your credentials remain secret. In essence, you’ll be passing down memories and data while keeping your privacy intact.

How do i add Apple Digital Legacy contacts?

1. Open Settings on your iPhone and tap on your name.

1. how to add Apple digital legacy contacts

2. Select Password & Security.

2. how to add Apple digital legacy contacts

3. Choose Legacy Contact.

3. how to add Apple digital legacy contacts

4. Add Legacy Contacts.

4. how to add Apple digital legacy contacts

You’ll see your family members in a list if you’re using a shared iCloud+ plan or an Apple One Family plan. Nonetheless, you can add a new contact. Once that is done, you’ll get an access key that you can share with your trusted contact.

If you share the access key over iMessage, it’ll automatically get stored in their iCloud settings. Otherwise, you can print it out as a hard copy and personally hand it over.

How do I request data if i’m a Legacy Contact?

You can go to Apple’s Digital Legacy website and request access to your loved one’s account if you’re in their contacts. Keep your access key handy for this process because you can’t get any data without an access key.

If your loved one doesn’t leave you with an access key, you can still request Apple to delete their account and the data in it. There’s simply no way to restore a person’s data unless you know their passwords or have an access key.

The thought of passing away is a heavy topic for many, but it is important to set up measures like Digital Legacy in today’s time. Most of our memories work, and our thoughts are stored on our phones and laptops.

Leaving a legacy is important so the people you love, and the people after them, have something to remember you by. So when you’re at it, take some time out and set up a legacy contact.

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