Apple Is Working On An iPhone Car Crash Detection System: Report

iPhone car crash detection featured

After the watch, Apple is now working to bring car crash detection to the iPhone. If this pans out, anyone driving with an iPhone in the car would be able to get medical attention in case of an accident. You can get a crash detection system in your car, but the same feature on your phone would make it more convenient and widely available.

The Google Pixel lineup also comes with a Personal Safety app that has a car crash detection system. It is not a fully fool-proof system, but it is a good safety net to have. Now, the Wall Street Journal reports that the feature is coming to the iPhone.

While the Apple Watch has had crash detection for a while, the iPhone is still the most popular product for such a feature. Apple is also rumored to be working on the project IronHeart. This project is expected to allow CarPlay to control some more parts of your car. If that happens, it is another step in the direction of Project Titan, which is the Apple Car.

Siri also lost a bunch of features with iOS 15, and some of these were related to smart car controls. We expect these features to make a proper comeback with Apple’s CarPlay updates and the car crash detection system on the iPhone. Both will make for a more streamlined experience from these services.

As of now, many manufacturers offer car crash detection systems. However, the feature isn’t available in all countries or on cheaper cars. For instance, most entry-level cars in markets like India are not equipped with this feature. So an iPhone car crash detection system would be a good safety net for such markets.

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