Apple’s Foldable iMac Is In The Works

fodlable iMac representative image
Representative Image: Apple

Apple is reportedly working on a MacBook that could unfold into an iMac. While a foldable iPhone may not be a reality soon, a foldable iMac could be an all-in-one desktop/notebook replacement.

However, before you get your hopes up, know that this isn’t happening anytime soon either. Ross Young of Display Supply Chain has reported that Apple will introduce a foldable notebook with a 20-inch display. If that’s true, it’ll be the largest folding display yet.

MacBook unfolds into iMac

According to Ross, Apple’s foldable iMac notebook will be a “true dual-use product.” When folded, it’ll be a MacBook with a full-size keyboard, and when unfolded, it’ll be a massive monitor that can be used with an external keyboard.

However, Apple’s late arrival approach is no surprise to anyone. It took Apple years to bring features like an OLED panel and 120Hz refresh rate on iPhone. But in being an absolute laggard at times, Apple has been able to iron out the shortcomings and carry on with a clean implementation.

Here’s an excerpt from Ross Young’s report on the foldable iMac

This size could create a new category for Apple and would result in a true dual use product, a notebook with a full-size keyboard when folded and for use as a monitor when not folded and used with an external keyboard. It may also allow for UHD/4K resolution or even higher at that size. The time frame is likely later than 2025 though, it could be 2026 or 2027.

Ross Young, Display Supply Chain

No doubt, a foldable iPhone is expected in 2025. Apple works on an ecosystem approach, and if one device gets a quirk, the others are also likely to catch up soon. Be it Face ID coming to iPads, or notches coming to MacBooks, this has been classic Apple lately.

So if a foldable iPhone were due in 2025, Apple has ample time to test out a foldable iMac for 2026 or 2027. Given that Windows laptops have a form-factor ace up their sleeve, Macs need to catch up.

It should also be noted that Apple can’t possibly be the only one working on a foldable desktop. We’re most likely to see multi-fold laptop displays on Windows laptops before Apple picks it up.

What do you think about Apple’s foldable iMac? Would you buy one if you could? Let us know in the comments.

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