iPhone 14 Pro Charging Test Reveals The Best Value For Money Apple Charger

best value for money iPhone charger
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Choosing the iPhone 14 Pro is a no-brainer, but do you know which is the best value for money Apple charger for your iPhone? Apple makes three USB-C chargers that you can choose from. Additionally, you can also use an old 5W power adapter, provided you also have the Type-A to lightning cable, or buy a new charging brick and cable combo.

YouTube channel SimplyPops did an iPhone 14 Pro battery charging test to determine the most value-for-money charger. He charged four iPhone 14 Pro smartphones from zero to full using the 5W, 20W, 30W, and 35W Apple chargers. While the iPhone charging speed peeks at 20W, you can charge it with a higher wattage adapter, and we’ll tell you why you should do so.

During the test, the YouTuber found that the 35W Apple charger is the fastest, charging up the iPhone from zero to full in around 1h 51min 56sec. Surprisingly, it was closely followed by the 20W charger, leaving the 30W one behind. So, is the 35W Apple charger the best value for money iPhone charger you can buy?

Apple iPhone 14 battery charging test results

The 35W brick is the fastest Apple iPhone 14 Pro charger and also has two USB-C ports. The higher wattage also means that you can use it to charge your MacBook and iPhone at the same time. However, it costs $60 (Rs 5,800), which is something not everyone can afford. Other than that, it is a bigger power brick and will take up more space in a backpack.

Apple’s 20W charger closely followed up the 35W one, delivering a full charge at 1h 54min. It costs $19 (Rs 1,900), which is much more affordable and compact. However, it is limited to charging only one device at a time and cannot work as a MacBook charger.

To everyone’s surprise, SimplyPops’s test shows that the 30W Apple charger is slower than the 20W one. The 30W charger completed a full charge in 1h 57min. It may be slightly slower than the 20W one, but if you have an M1 MacBook Air or later, you get this charger in the box, which makes it a good fit for your iPhone and MacBook as well.

Lastly, the 5W iPhone charger finished the job in 3h 50min. It is more than double the time taken by the other three chargers. On the bright side, the iPhone 14 Pro generated the least amount of heat while charging with the 5W brick. So the slower charger is possibly the most battery-friendly one of the bunch. However, the long charging time makes it more inconvenient to charge your iPhone on the fly and the 5W brick also costs the same as a 20W charger as well.

Which is the best value for money Apple-made iPhone charger?

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The answer to that question depends on your iPhone usage. If you plan on buying an M2 MacBook Air, you can get the more expensive $60 (Rs 5,800) 35W charger. It will charge your MacBook Air faster and give you an extra port to plug in your iPhone. If you don’t want to spend the extra $20, you can get the 30W brick with the MacBook for $39 (Rs 3,800) which also works well for the iPhone.

If you’re not keen on getting a Mac anytime soon, the $19 (Rs 1,900) 20W charger is the most affordable one you can get for your iPhone 14 Pro. However, if you have an iPhone 14 Pro Max, you should buy the 35W adapter since the Pro Max supports faster 27W charging.

To summarize, we can say that the 35W charger offers the best value for money if you plan to also use it for charging a MacBook. However, if you wish to buy a standalone charger for the iPhone 14 Pro, the 20W brick offers the best bang for your buck. Your other options also include going for GaN chargers from Belkin or Anker if you want a more compact charger with higher power output.

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