PS5 Has Finally Been Jailbroken, Pirated Games Now A Possibility

ps5 plastation 5 jailbreak exploit

Hackers have finally jailbroken the PlayStation 5 thanks to a bug that first appeared on the Playstation 4. Jailbreaking a PS5 would allow users to install emulators for other consoles, play pirated games, and unlock hidden features.

The bug was initially found by a security researcher, Andy Nguyen (Better known as theflow0). This exploit was first discovered on the PS4 and had been patched. However, hackers/developers SpecterDev, ChendoChap, and Znullptr were able to jailbreak the PS4 using this exploit.

PS5 Jailbreak: It’s Finally Possible

History seems to have repeated itself as the same hackers have again used this exploit to Jailbreak the PS5. The Kernel exploit has now been posted on GitHub by SpecterDev and other scene hackers mentioned at the end of the page.

However, this jailbreak exploit can only work on PS5 consoles running the 4.03 update. SpecterDev has also clarified that the exploit is relatively unstable and will only work about 30% of the time. The 4.03 update is also quite old, as it was released one year ago.

More importantly, the exploit gives users read/write access but no code execution. However, it does give hackers debug settings and root privileges. According to Specter, the exploit is not meant for the general public but only for developers to play with and reverse engineer some parts of the system.

PS5 4.03 Kernel exploit

According to the GitHub page, the exploit includes the following:

  • Obtains arbitrary read/write and can run a basic RPC server for reads/writes (or a dump server for large reads) (must edit your own address/port into the exploit file on lines 673-677)
  • Enables debug settings menu (note: you will have to fully exit settings and go back in to see it).
  • Gets root privileges

In its current state, this jailbreak exploit will not let users run pirate games on the PS5. However, that can also change once other developers get their hands on it. Till then, this is a developing story, and we will keep updating the article as it unfolds.

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