Twitter Blue Send Out The First Edited Tweet: When Is It Coming To Your Feed?

Twitter edit button live
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When Jack Dorsey was leading Twitter, he shunned every request from users about offering an edit button on the platform. But times changed, and Jack Dorsey stepped down to make way for new blood, Parag Agrawal. Twitter Blue account tweeted that they were testing the first ever public tweet edit feature today.

While Jack Dorsey may be surprised by the addition of an edit tweet feature, it is now live for Twitter Blue, aka premium subscribers. It means if you want to try out the edit tweet feature, you have to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue users can try out the edit tweet feature

Jack Dorsey may not have liked the idea of editing tweets and may have never felt its necessity. But the rest of the mortals have a reputation to protect and correct occasional errors while tweeting. By offering a tweet edit feature, Twitter will save countless instances of human errors.

Whenever an account edits its tweet, a pencil icon appears with a last edit time stamp. If you click on it, you can see all the previous tweets posted prior to the edits. You only have a 30-minute window to make edits to a tweet.

There isn’t a limit on the number of times you can edit a tweet. However, we haven’t tried it out and don’t know if the account holder can limit who can see if the tweet was edited or not. Moreover, it is exclusive to Twitter Blue users in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Twitter is yet to release Twitter Blue across the rest of the globe.

edit tweets
Image: Twitter

Paying for a microblogging site to post your opinion might seem ludicrous, especially when the rest others are free. But Twitter Blue is for people, businesses, and brands that have a reputation to protect. If you want to use Twitter Blue, you need to either be present in one of these counties or use a VPN to change your IP address to a country where the feature is available. Edit Tweets feature is in the nascent stage of adoption, and it will be long before it becomes widely available to everyone for free.

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