Is Apple Car Launch Going To Happen Earlier Than Expected?

Apple Car
Image: AppleInsider

Then and now, Apple Car has always been in the news for many reasons, and now its launch date is one of them. The Apple Car, which is being built under Project Titan, is quite interesting due to the prominent figures and the decisions Apple made around it.

Last year, when Apple reduced Project Titan’s workforce by 200 employees, the masses started to think that this dream project will go into the cold bag now. However, recent reports suggest that Apple Car might arrive in September 2021. However, it’s just an assumption made by Insideevs based on a report of a Taiwanese newspaper Economic Daily News.

According to this Taiwanese publication, Apple is asking its suppliers to expedite the production of components for its electric car with self-driving technology. The report also states that Apple suppliers, like Heda, Bizlink-KY, etc., were told to produce parts for the upcoming Apple Car.

The claims are quite unbelievable as initially, Apple Car was expected to launch sometime around 2024. Anyway, none of the facts have been confirmed by any official authority and will serve as a rumor until verified.

Nevertheless, we can say one thing for sure that Apple Car is in the Pipeline and sooner or later it’ll come.

Why Apple Car or Project Titan Is Such A Big Deal?

Though we have explained the story in our previous Apple Car roundup, for a better understanding let’s have a quick overview.

Apple has been working on its electric car project for many years now. The company has invested a significant amount, partnered with some renowned automakers, and filed patents on self-driving technologies.

We can call it Apple’s dream project, and it’s widely known as Project Titan. Although it’s not confirmed, we expect the Apple Car to be a mid-size electric van.

Apart from this, it’s the key personalities that makes Apple Car even more interesting project.

Project Titan is led by former SVP of Technologies Bob Mansfield and Doug Field, VP of the Special Projects Group at Apple. Interestingly, Doug Field has worked with Tesla in the past.

It’s not just that, the Project Titan team also includes some other ex-Tesla engineers like Andrew Kim and Dr. Michael Schwekutsch. All these people have great portfolios and are behind many successful cars. Hence, we can say that Apple is in some serious mode regarding its electric car.

Though it’s quite early to say, we’ll not be surprised if Apple comes out with an electric vehicle with some insane specs (and a hefty price tag).

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