Europe Makes Type-C Charger Mandatory For All: No More Lightning For iPhones

Europe Makes Type-C Charger Mandatory For All: No More Lightning For iPhones
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Nothing’s more frustrating than carrying multiple cables and chargers for your devices. Device manufacturers have made it increasingly difficult by offering different ports, cables, and chargers.

But the EU isn’t bowing down to this problem. It has reached a deal with the Parliament and Council to make USB Type-C port mandatory for all future devices.

The news might be very unpleasant for Apple, which hasn’t shed the lightning port for over a decade. This deal will force all phone manufacturers, including Apple to offer a USB Type-C port on their future products in the EU.

EU Type-C port deal: Details

EU shared the details about the deal in an official press release. It clearly mentions that the USB Type-C port will become the norm for all upcoming devices by 2024. Moreover, the press release highlights the plight of consumers who have to spend extra money on multiple types of chargers.

It will help consumers save over 250 million Euros every year. As per the press release, the USB Type-C port rule will reduce significant e-waste production in Europe. The current numbers amount to about 11,000 tonnes of e-waste emanating from discarded chargers.

EU Deal
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What will Apple do now?

Apple, like all other manufacturers, has 24 months to comply with the rules. Certainly, iPhone 14 won’t have the USB Type-C port but hopes are high for the iPhone 15 and future models. The EU deal will apply to mobile phones, e-readers, earbuds, digital cameras, headphones, handheld video-game consoles, and portable speakers.

Laptop manufacturers will get up to 40 months to adopt the USB Type-C into their products. Apple makes a lot of moolah with the accessories market and this new deal will shrink its revenue. But Apple is crafty enough to come up with something that will replenish the loss from the accessories department.

EU laid down some clear guidelines for manufacturers to be transparent with the consumers. The products must clearly describe their compatibility and the consumer will have the option to have a charger or not. USB Type-C port should become the standard globally. What are your thoughts on that?

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