Apple Will Fix iPhone 14 Pro Camera Rattling Via Update: Should You Get A New Unit Instead?

Get a replacement!

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Apple iPhone 14 launched last week with two good and two okay phones. iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max surely steal the spotlight from the other two iPhones, which are minor upgrades from iPhone 13. But yesterday, the news of the iPhone 14 Pro camera rattling problem made rounds on the internet. It seemed to be a small issue, but soon forums and social media platforms were filled with complaints of the primary 48MP lens shaking vigorously.

Some users experienced the camera rattling problem when using the back camera in other apps. The camera lens began shaking like crazy when social apps like TikTok and Instagram tried to access it.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Rattling Issue: What should you do?

Unlike other bugs, this rattling problem can do some serious damage to the rear camera module. YouTuber Luke Miani encountered the issue, and the lens didn’t stop vibrating until it failed for good. When he tried taking images using it, the lens couldn’t focus at all. But he made a trip to the Apple Store and got a replacement, and you should also do the same.

The current evidence indicates that the iPhone 14 Pro camera rattling issue damages the primary lens. It cannot recover and fails to focus on subjects you want to capture. Apple said it would fix the rattling issue via an OTA update soon. But if you have already faced the issue, you should get a replacement. You cannot measure the extent of damage to the lens after it starts shaking unexpectedly, and it may fail in the future.

iPhone 14 Pro camera rattling
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Even if it doesn’t fail, if the lens cannot focus anymore, what is the point of buying a Pro or Pro Max model if you can’t get alluring shots from it? Not every user buys Apple care with their new iPhone, and once your phone is out of warranty, you will be stuck with a very expensive, good-for-nothing iPhone. So, even if you face the rattling issue once, go to the Apple store and ask for a replacement.

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