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House of the Dragon
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A major Game of Thrones plot point is the startling reappearance of fresh dragons long after they were thought to be extinct. Meanwhile, House of the Dragon takes set in an age of dragons and dragon-riders. The prequel series, based on George R.R. Martin’s book Fire and Blood, focuses on the Dance of the Dragons, a dreadful civil war fought by the ruling Targaryen family. This should emphasize how prominently dragons are involved in this brutal succession crisis.

During the first two episodes, viewers met a handful of the Targaryens’ dragons and get some major information about one dragon that has gone missing. In addition, there is some battling over a highly valuable dragon egg in the show. Several of the dragons to come will play crucial roles in the civil war.

While others will be notable as historical individuals with ties to Targaryens from previous generations. Showrunners Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik also revealed that the series will feature 17 dragons. Here’s all you need to know about the most important dragons we’ll see or hear about in House of the Dragon, as well as the ones we saw in the first episode.

The dragons of House of the Dragon

Balerion ( Ridder: Aegon I)

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Balerion, also known as”Black Dread”, is one of the most important dragons in Fire and Blood. Aegon I rides him during the Targaryen invasion of Westeros. Over the course of his lengthy existence, he is also ridden by other Targaryen ancestors. In contrast to many other dragons in the novel, he has a long life and passes away in his old age during Jaehaerys I’s rule, many years before the American Civil War.

But Balerion is still there in House of the Dragon, as his skull is where Viserys and Rhaenyra meet in episode one. Viserys also discusses being Balerion’s final rider with Lady Laena Velaryon (Nova Mosé-Foueillis).

Caraxes ( Ridder: Prince Daemon Targaryen)

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During the Dance of the Dragons, Caraxes is the dragon of Prince Daemon Targaryen. Having previously been ridden by Prince Aemon, one of Jaehaerys’ heirs Caraxes appears alongside the prince in episodes one and two of House of the Dragon.
Caraxes and Daemon fight numerous battles during the civil war in the novel, proving Rhaeynra, Daemon’s wife, is correct. Finally, Daemon confronts Aemond and Vhagar, his dragon, to a fierce combat that leaves all four of them dead.

Syrax ( Ridder: Rhaenyra Targaryen)

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Syrax, unlike many of the other dragons in Fire and Blood, is exclusively attached to one rider: Rhaenyra Targaryen, the queen claimant during the Dance of the Dragons. Rhaenyra flies Syrax above King’s Landing before settling her in the Dragonpit in episode one of House of the Dragon. Syrax’s fire is later used to cremate Aemma and Baelon after they die. Rhaenyra mounts Syrax to Dragonstone in the second episode to recover the lost dragon egg from Daemon.

Spoilers for the books: Despite her connection to the queen, the dragon isn’t a strong warrior, which contributes to her downfall. During a fight in the Dragonpit, she rushes into the fray to try to help the other dragons trapped there. Instead of flying and fighting with her flame, she fights on the ground with her claws and teeth, eventually succumbing to her own wounds.

Dreamfyre ( Ridder: Princess Helaena Targaryen)

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Prince Daemon steals a dragon’s egg from the Dragonpit in the second episode of House of the Dragon, saying he intends to put it in his son’s nursery. Princess Rhaenyra is especially furious since she picked out that egg for her infant brother, who died in the first episode. Although we don’t yet know which dragon will hatch from that egg, we do know several important facts about Dreamfyre, who almost surely will make an appearance in the show.

Dreamfyre was born somewhere during Aegon the Conqueror’s rule. Princess Rhaena, the granddaughter of Aegon, is her primary rider. In Martin’s writings, Dreamfyre builds a lot of nests for her dragon eggs, some of which are taken and never given back. Dreamfyre settles in the Dragonpit when Rhaena dies and stays there until she forms a link with Princess Helaena Targaryen (the daughter of Viserys and Alicent). Throughout the entire Dance of Dragons, Helaena rides her.

Vhagar ( Ridder: Aemond Targaryen)

Given that Vhagar was 182 years old at the time of her death, would she had  been bigger than Balerion was at the time of Aegon's Conquest when he  hadn't finished growing? -
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Vhagar is initially ridden during the Targaryen conquest as the dragon of Queen Visenya, Aegon I’s sister-wife. Vhagar is claimed by Laena Velaryon many years later, after being riderless following Visenya’s death. The first and second episodes of House of the Dragon take place before Laena has claimed the dragon, but she discusses its whereabouts with King Viserys. Most people assume Vhaghar is nesting someplace in the Narrow Sea, possibly around Spice Town, according to her. She obviously has a long-standing fascination with the dragon.

Following Laena‘s death in Martin’s novel, Vhagar becomes the dragon of Aemond Targaryen, Viserys I’s son from his second marriage. And so supports Aegon II in the civil war. Vhagar participates in the fight that kills the dragon Meleys. And he survuves with some minor wounds. Vhagar ultimately loses the epic Battle Above the Gods Eye after engaging Daemon and his dragon Caraxes in a death duel.

Keep a look out for Vhagar because it’s safe to presume that House of the Dragon will feature some of these spectacular battles!

Seasmoke ( Ridder: Addam Valeryon)

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Unlike some of the other dragons, Seasmoke is wilder and more erratic, and he resists attempts to claim him until Addam of Hull, an unrelated relative of his last rider, shows up to make the attempt. During the Dance of the Dragons, Addam supports Rhaenyra, and he battles alongside Seasmoke to protect the queen’s lands.

Addam and Seasmoke engage in a massive and bloody battle with young dragons, sacrificing their own lives to save others and defend their queen. Seasmoke will most likely appear on House of the Dragon because he battles in the civil war.

Sunfyre ( Ridder: Aegon Targaryen)

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Sunfyre’s descriptive name is complemented by a second moniker: “the Golden.” Sunfyre, another dragon with golden scales and a reputation as the most beautiful dragon ever seen, is attached to only one rider: Aegon II, the other claimant to the Iron Throne during the Dance of the Dragons. Sunfyre engages in numerous battles during the conflict, nearly losing a wing in the combat that kills Meleys and her rider, Rhaenys.

He is unable to fly after being repeatedly hurt in combat, yet he does slay Rhaenyra after she is kidnapped by Aegon. He eventually dies as a result of his injuries. It is safe to assume that Sunfyre will appear in “House of the Dragon” as the dragon is ridden by one of the most important characters.

Tessarion ( Ridder: Daeron Targaryen)

Tessarion the Blue Queen is a beautiful cobalt and copper she-dragon who is one of the youngest fully grown dragons in House of the Dragon. She is ridden by Daeron Targaryen, the youngest of Queen Alicent and King Viserys' sons.
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The younger brother of Aegon, Daeron Targaryen, flies Tessarion, a female dragon. Tessarion, like Meleys, is referred to as the Blue Queen because of the deep cobalt blue hue of her wings. She will make an appearance in the HBOMax TV series. Tessarion, like Sunfyre, has flames that glow a vivid blue similar to the colour of her scales. Tessarion’s belly scales and claws, which contrast with the dark blue of the majority of Tessarion’s body, set her out from the other dragons.

Vermithor (Ridder: Hugh The Hammer)

Vermithor is one of the largest dragons alive in House of the Dragon. Described as "hoary" and "old", he has not been ridden since King Viserys' predecessor, King Jaehaerys.
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Even if Jaehaerys, King Viserys’ grandfather, is an extremely elderly man, the show will still feature Vermithor, his previous dragon ride. Vermithor, often known as the Bronze Fury, is a bronze dragon that was once Westeros’ third-largest dragon after Balerion and Vhagar. In Fire & Blood, Vermithor is depicted ultimately being ridden by a brute by the name of Hugh the Hammer during the Targaryen civil war.

Other dragons in House of the Dragon

These are the main dragons with Dragon riders in House of the Dragon, but there will be many others throughout the show who may or may not play as significant a role. Here’s a look at some of the other dragons who could appear in House of the Dragon.

Meleys (Ridder: Rhaenys Targaryen)

Rhaenys, like Rhaenyra and Daemon, has a dragon named Meleys. Meleys, like Caraxes, is a vivid red dragon, earning her the title “Red Queen.” Meleys is the second-oldest and largest dragon after Vhagar.

Moondancer (Ridder: Baela Targaryen)

Moondancer, one of House of the Dragon’s youngest dragons, was only the size of a warhorse when Baela, the daughter of Matt Smith’s Daemon Targaryen, first mounted her. Moondancer is a slim green dragon who is fast both on ground and in the sky.

Silverwing (Ridder: Ulf White)

Ulf White is a Targaryen bastard who mounts Silverwing during the Dance of Dragons. Silverwing, a silver dragon that was placid and polite to strangers, was first ridden by Alysanne Targaryen, King Viserys’ grandmother.

Vermax, Arrax, and Tyraxes ( Ridders: Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey)

Rhaenyra’s sons Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey ride these three dragons. While Vermax is almost certain to appear in House of the Dragon owing to Harry Collett’s casting as Jacaerys, Lucerys and Joffrey have yet to be cast, therefore their dragons may not appear until later seasons.

Sheepstealer ( Ridder: Nettles)

Sheepstealer, like Seasmoke, is a wild dragon from Dragonstone who got his name from his love of sheep. Sheepstealer is a mud brown dragon who has only had one rider, Nettles, who tamed the dragon by feeding it fresh sheep every day until he became accustomed to her.

The Cannibal

The Cannibal is a wild dragon who resides on Dragonstone and got his name through eating dragon corpses, young dragons, and dragon eggs. He is one of the largest dragons in House of the Dragon, yet he has never been tamed.

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