Is It Possible To Watch Tulsa King Finale For Free Online?

Is It Possible To Watch Tulsa King Finale For Free Online?
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Paramount’s epic mafia crime series Tulsa King has garnered a lot of love throughout the globe. Moreover, it follows the story of Dwight Manfredi, who is compelled to start his mafia gang in Tulsa. With five episodes already premiered, the epic series is now reaching to first season’s conclusion. The last episode showed us Dwight returning to New York to attend his brother’s funeral.

Moreover, the emotional episode introduced us to Dwight’s daughter Tina. While they care for each other a lot, Tina is not on good terms with Dwight. Furthermore, we learned that one of Dwight’s gang members Nico, molested Tina when he was in prison. Subsequently, he is now furious and will hunt Nico down in the season finale.

On the other hand, back in Tulsa, The Black Macadam bike is waiting for Dwight’s return for their revenge. With so much about to happen in the finale, we’re here to help you with its release schedule and how to watch it for free. So without any further ado, let’s get started down below.

When is the Tulsa King finale releasing online?

Tulsa King
Image Credit: Paramount+

The season finale will arrive on December 18, 2022. Similar to the previous five episodes, the sixth one will be released on Sunday on Paramount+. Since Paramount+ usually release its titles at 3 AM Eastern Time (ET). Subsequently, the sixth instalment will also arrive at 3 AM Eastern Time (ET).

Speaking of Paramount+, the platform has some of the best features for subscribers. If you want to explore them, then check out our streaming guides on the platform over here.

Can I watch Tulsa King episode 6 for free online?

Although you would normally require a paid Paramount+ membership to watch Tulsa King season 1 episode 6 for free, there are other workarounds. American viewers can try the following methods to watch the show for free.

1. Free 7-day trial
2. Free Trial availed from Amazon Prime
3. Free with T-Mobile and Sprint plans.

That’s all we have for this article. Are you excited about the new episode? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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