Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11: Release Date, Night Mode [Updated: October 10]

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Leaks Night Mode, Zombie Mode & More

We are only a few days away from Call of Duty: Mobile’s first anniversary in October. To celebrate a successful year, the developers plan to release a bunch of new content in the game.

However, unlike every season, Season 11 will not get a test server. That’s why there’s no way to be sure what content is lined up by the developers for the upcoming update.

Nevertheless, we all know how the internet works; some leaks and rumors regarding the new content in Season 11 have surfaced. And in this article, we will mention all the Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 leaks. So, you’ll know what to expect from the next major COD Mobile content update.

Call of Duty Mobile First Anniversary Update: What To Expect?

1. Night Mode

In Season 11, getting a ‘Night Mode’ for Battle Royale and Multiplayer is something that every player expects.

COD Mobile players have been asking for a Night Mode since last year when the Halloween Standoff map released for a limited time. Finally, in the latest community update on Reddit, the developers confirmed that they are indeed working on a Night mode for Call of Duty Mobile.

Then, recently, Call of Duty Mobile Vietnam confirmed the Night Mode in Battle Royale through a Facebook post. In the post, players can clearly see that it is night time in the Isolated map.

2. Zombie Mode

Just like the Night Mode, Call of Duty: Mobile players are desperate for Zombie Mode to return.

Earlier this year in March, Call of Duty Mobile pulled back Zombie mode off the game. However, the developers have now confirmed that the fan-favorite mode would eventually come back after some improvements.

So a lot of COD Mobile fanatics believe that we’ll finally see the revamped Zombie mode in the first-anniversary update.

3. Character Customization In BR Lobby

Recently, a glitch in Call of Duty Mobile revealed an upcoming feature in the game. Interestingly, the leaked feature will enable players to customize their characters in the BR lobby. So, in Season 11, players might be able to change their backpacks, outfits, headgear, etc. before they get into the plane.

4. Finishing Moves

Call of Duty Mobile already introduced a bunch of features from Warzone in Season 9 update. For instance, features like armor plates, gunsmith, and gun modes are picked up from Warzone and Modern Warfare. That’s why several players think that the ‘Finishing moves‘ feature could be next-in-line for Call of Duty Mobile. If this feature does come in COD Mobile, then players can finish off their enemies in style.

5. Buy Stations

As we are talking about Warzone features coming to Call of Duty Mobile, then how could we forget ‘Buy Stations.’

In Call of Duty Warzone, players can use the looted cash to buy supplies from several Buy stations scattered across the map. Well, there have been some rumors suggesting that the Season 11 update might also introduce ‘Buy stations’ in the Isolated BR map, just like the Chip terminals.

Since Call of Duty Mobile is slowly transforming into Warzone, seeing ‘Buy Stations’ in the game isn’t entirely impossible.

6. Alcatraz Map

The rumored fan-favorite map from Black Ops 2 might finally arrive in Season 11 update. The ‘Alcatraz’ map was expected to release in the Season 9 update because of an in-game file leak. However, it looks like the developers were waiting for the perfect time to release a new battle royale map in COD Mobile, which can only be game’s first-anniversary.

7. Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley

The British task force operator, Simon ‘Ghost‘ Riley, is finally coming back in Season 11. ‘Ghost’ is one of the most beloved characters in the COD franchise which appeared in COD Mobile in Season 1 battle pass.

After the first season, players have been only waiting for a second chance to get ‘Ghost’ as a playable character. If you’re one of those players, you will get a second opportunity pretty soon.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Release Date

Call of Duty Mobile officially confirmed that the Season 11 Update would release next week, most probably between October 13-15. Also, the upcoming season update will coincide with Halloween and the game’s first-anniversary update. So, it is going to be massive in terms of content. In short, Season 11 update will transform Call of Duty Mobile into something great.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 leaks

So, these are all the Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 leaks we know so far. The developers confirmed that the first-anniversary update is going to be great, so there will surely be a lot more new content. Also, it’s possible that some of the discussed features might not actually arrive in the game. Nevertheless, we’ll update the article as soon as we hear something else on the upcoming update. Meanwhile, if you come across anything new, feel free to share those with us, and write your views in the comments!

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