Is Call Of Duty Mobile Getting The ‘Zombies Mode’ Back In October?


In March 2020, Call of Duty Mobile removed the fan-favorite ‘Zombies Mode’ from the game, leaving a lot of players disappointed. However, the COD Mobile team confirmed that the Zombies mode would return at some point after going through some improvements.

Now, it’s been months, and players are still waiting for the Zombies mode to come back. Unfortunately, there’s still no official confirmation on when the Zombies mode is coming back. However, there is a rumor that the Zombies mode will be reintroduced in October 2020 to celebrate the game’s 1st year anniversary.

Is The Rumor About Zombies Mode’s Return True?

Yesterday, the twitter account, ‘Call of Duty Mobile News,’ started this rumor about the return of the Zombies mode in October. The tweet said that “Call of Duty Mobile is working Zombie Mode. We can expect it to be back in October, marking its 1st anniversary.”

Now, it’s true that Call of Duty Mobile is working on Zombies Mode, and it will definitely make a comeback in the game. However, there is no evidence that the respective game mode is coming back in October. In short, there is no in-game file or interview to support such rumors.

A few days back, Activision’s President, Daniel Alegre, confirmed that Call of Duty Mobile would get ‘significant new content’ in October for the game’s 1st anniversary. And Zombies Mode is one of the most requested game modes by Call of Duty Mobile players. So, it’s understandable why players are expecting the Zombies Mode to return in October.

Nevertheless, there was no mention of ‘Zombies Mode’ in Alegre’s statement. So it’s too early to put a stamp on such rumors.

That being said, Call of Duty Mobile’s 1st anniversary is the perfect time for the ‘Zombies Mode’ to come back. So, we can only hope that developers are almost done improving the game mode.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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