Call Of Duty Mobile Players Want ‘Buy Stations’ Just Like Warzone


In the season 9 update, Activision introduced several new features in Call of Duty Mobile. Interestingly, most of the latest features, like Armor plates, were directly picked up from Call of Duty Warzone.

It’s clear that Activision plans on transforming COD Mobile into a mobile version of Warzone. That’s why, players are eager to see another fan-favorite Warzone feature in COD Mobile, which is ‘Buy Stations.’

Interestingly, some players even created a Buy Station concept for Call of Duty Mobile. The concept shows five Buy Stations randomly available on the ‘Isolated’ Battle Royale map, just like the Chip Terminals.

For those of you who don’t know, in Call of Duty Warzone, players find cash along with other loot items. Players can use the looted money at multiple ‘Buy Stations’ that are scattered throughout the map.

Based on the amount of cash they have, players can buy things like armor plates, load-outs, medicines, ammo, gun modes, etc. from Buy Stations. Moreover, players can revive their dead teammates by paying a certain amount of cash at the buy stations.

You could say that ‘Buy Stations’ acts as an alternative to airdrops, which is pretty great. That’s why it’s understandable why Call of Duty Mobile players wish for a similar feature in the game. Also, as COD Mobile already has Armor Plates, Gun Modes, and Warzone-styled battle royale animation, getting ‘Buy Stations’ in the game isn’t entirely impossible.

Nevertheless, this is a mere concept to get Activision to start thinking about introducing Buy Stations in COD Mobile. It’s hard to say if the developers would actually consider the idea. So, it’s best not to get too excited about it.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

Shivam is a blogger who is always fascinated with technology and the amount of knowledge he can gather from the internet. He is trying to nerdify everyone around him with that same knowledge, through his writings. He enjoys gaming in particular, so he tries to keep track of what’s new in the gaming community and write about it. Visit his Gaming Channel IntroGamers on YouTube.
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