Call Of Duty Mobile To Bring Back ‘Ghost’ In Season 11 Update

Call Of Duty Mobile To Bring Back 'Ghost' In Season 11 Update

Call of Duty Mobile is planning to transform the game with the Season 11 update, which will also celebrate the first anniversary of the game. Moreover, the developers confirmed that for Halloween, they are going to release the standoff night map from last year.

COD Mobile also revealed that ‘Ghost,’ one of the most favorite characters from the Call of Duty franchise, is also making a comeback in Season 11.

Recently, one Call of Duty Mobile enthusiast asked the developers to release ‘Ghost’ for Season 11. To his surprise, Call of Duty Mobile replied, confirming that ‘Ghost’ is indeed coming back in the celebration of Halloween.

It’s highly possible that ‘Ghost’ will be an unlockable character in Season 11 Battle Pass. However, there’s a slight chance that COD Mobile will offer the fan-favorite character as a free reward to celebrate its first anniversary.

For those of you who don’t know, Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley made his first appearance in COD Modern Warfare 2. Since then, the British Special Force Operator appeared in several COD titles and became one of the most beloved characters in the franchise.

As of Call of Duty Mobile, Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley was introduced in the Season 1 Battle Pass; after that, several COD Mobile seasons went by, and ‘Ghost’ never came back in the game.

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That’s why players who didn’t buy Season 1 Premium Battle Pass regret missing the opportunity to play as Ghost in COD Mobile. Well, if you’re one of those players, then rejoice, because it looks like you might be getting your second chance pretty soon.

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