Call Of Duty Mobile’s Popular ‘Zombies Mode’ Will Come Back Eventually

Popular Call Of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode Will Come Back

Just a few weeks ago, Call of Duty Mobile said its goodbye to the well-received Zombies Mode. Players were left wondering if the mode will ever come back. Well, rest assured as the favorite COD Mobile Zombies Mode will eventually make a comeback after a few improvements.

Call of Duty Mobile was developed by Timi Studios, which is based in China. Millions of players around the world enjoy the mobile version of the epic ‘Call of Duty’ title. And recently, CoD mobile crossed 1 million downloads in Australia.

To discuss this achievement, Chris Plummer, Activision’s vice president of mobile, sat down with GameSpot for an interview.

In the interview, Plummer said that Call of Duty mobile Zombies Mode was a time-limited mode, and they had to let it go anyway. Also, by taking off the Zombies mode, developers had to shift players’ focus to other time-limited events.

However, according to Plummer, due to players’ immense love, they’ll “reintroduce” the Zombies Mode in Call of Duty Mobile. However, the mode will come back after going through some improvements.

“Zombies was a time-limited mode that ran for a few months. We’re discussing the player feedback from that first event, and it is our intention to make further improvements to Zombies before reintroducing it,” said Plummer.

Now, we only have to wait for the Zombies Mode to come back to one of our favorite battle royale game for mobile.

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