Call Of Duty Mobile Confirms ‘Halloween Standoff’ Map For Season 11

Call Of Duty Mobile Confirms 'Halloween Standoff' Map For Season 11

Call of Duty Mobile is just a few days away from releasing the Season 11 update, which will coincide with the Halloween and game’s first-anniversary update.

Last year, Call of Duty Mobile celebrated Halloween by releasing the Standoff night map, which was stunning. That’s why players were wondering if developers plan to do the same this year as well. It looks the speculations were correct because recently, Call of Duty Mobile confirmed the Standoff Halloween map for Season 11.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 update is expected to release sometime during mid-October. Generally, the developers release a test server for the new season before launching the content in the global version. However, they decided not to release the test server for Season 11. That’s because Call of Duty Mobile wants to keep the first-anniversary update a surprise.

Nevertheless, as promised, Call of Duty Mobile did confirm the return of the Standoff Halloween map in Season 11. The developers announced the map by posting a dark picture of Standoff on COD Mobile’s social media handles. And without a doubt, the map looks incredible with all the pumpkin decoration.

Other than the Standoff map, there are rumors that Call of Duty Mobile might release a Night Mode for both battle royale and Multiplayer. Moreover, after the announcement of Black Ops Cold War Zombies, COD Mobile players expect the Zombies Mode to come back in Season 11.

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Fortunately, Call of Duty Mobile has already confirmed it is working on a Night Mode, which is pretty exciting. However, there’s still no confirmation about the Zombies mode.

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