Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11 Will Not Get A Test Server


Each season, Call of Duty Mobile developers launch a test server update. They do that to test all the planned content before releasing it in the global version. However, that’s not going to happen with Season 11 Update.

Season 11 will mark the first anniversary of Call of Duty Mobile. And the developers want everything planned for the update to be kept a secret. That’s why Call of Duty Mobile confirmed that there would be no test server for Season 11.

Recently, Call of Duty Mobile released the community update on Reddit to talk about Season 10. The developers discussed the content yet to arrive in Season 10, while also addressing some in-game bugs. In the comments, one user specifically asked for the Season 11 test server. Interestingly, Call of Duty Mobile devs answered the user’s query by confirming that there will be “no test server this time around.”

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 test server update
Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 test server update

Call of Duty Mobile has many cool features, and content drops lined up for Season 11. For instance, there are rumors that ‘Night Mode‘ might finally arrive in Season 11. Also, some players speculate that the upcoming season will bring back the fan-favorite Zombie mode. However, officially, COD Mobile wants to keep most of the content a secret until the actual release.

The developers also confirmed that we’ll be getting some teasers for Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 in October. Moreover, the developers plan on dropping some surprises on their actual anniversary day, which is October 1st.

So, it’s safe to say that Season 11 is going to massive in terms of gameplay improvement and new content.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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