Best Guns In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10

Call of Duty Mobile is one of those mobile games that get very competitive, especially when you play ranked series. The one thing that’s extremely important to secure an in-game victory is preparing powerful loadouts with some of the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile.

However, Call of Duty Mobile has several different types of guns, i.e., Assault Rifles, SMG, LMG, Sniper, etc. That’s why it’s hard for most players to figure out which gun is the best in each category. Nevertheless, you’re in luck because, in this article, we are going to mention some of the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile.

5 Best Guns In COD Mobile To Play With

As we’ve already mentioned, there are several categories of guns in call of Duty Mobile. So, after thorough research, we’ve come up with the best guns in each category.

S. No.Best Guns In COD MobileType
1.ASM10Assault Rifle

ASM10 – Best Assault Rifle

ASM10 in Call of Duty Mobile

The assault rifle, ASM10, is definitely one of the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 10. The assault gun boasts maximum damage of 49 with an accuracy of 72, which is a pretty great combination. For me, in Season 10, ASM10 performs far better than AK47, especially in terms of recoil. If you want to wipe out an entire squad without missing a lot of your shots, then there is no better gun than ASM10 in Season 10.

Damage: 49
Accuracy: 72
Fire Rate: 55
Range: 52

M4LMG – Best Light Machine Gun (LMG)

M4LMG in Call of duty mobile

When it comes to the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile, M4LMG indeed makes the list. With the damage of 46, it is the best LMG in Call of Duty Mobile season 10.

Other than the massive damage, the LMG comes with an accuracy of 61, which is pretty decent compared to other light machine guns in the game. The weapon is a pure beast if you manage to control the vertical recoil of the gun. Unfortunately, M4LMG isn’t that easy to find in the battle royale map. So, it’s best to put the LMG in your customized BR loadout and get it through the airdrop.

Also, in Multiplayer, the heavyweight of M4LMG can be a huge disadvantage for many. So, if you want to move faster while holding M4LMG in your hands, then make sure to use it along with the lightweight perk.

Damage: 46
Accuracy: 61
Fire Rate: 63
Range: 64

Locus – Best Sniper

Locus in Call of Duty Mobile

If you love Sniping, then you must agree that Locus is one of the best guns in COD Mobile Season 10.

When it comes to aspects like Damage, Accuracy, and Range, Locus simply dominates every other Sniper in Call of Duty Mobile. On papers, it comes with a maximum damage of 84, which in itself is a lot. However, when tested, we found out that a headshot from Locus could bring down the HP from 150 to 7, without the body vest, of course. Do note that the damage may vary depending on other factors, such as distance and accuracy.

Damage: 84
Accuracy: 70
Fire Rate: 28
Range: 90

Pharo – Best Submachine Gun (SMG)

Pharo in Call of Duty Mobile

Some may disagree with the statement that Pharo is the best close-range gun in Call of Duty Mobile season 10. That’s because Pharo is a burst SMG, and most players prefer automatic SMG over Burst SMG. However, if you’ve ever tried out Pharo, then you must know that if handled right, then this SMG can get your enemies down in a single burst.

The powerful Pharo SMG comes with a maximum damage of 49, which makes it one of the best guns in COD mobile. I mean, the second-best SMG is GKS, which comes with a maximum damage of 43. So, you could understand why Pharo is overpowering.

However, it’s impossible to find Pharo in the battle royale map. So, just like M4LMG, it’s best to include Pharo in your customized BR loadout. On the other hand, in Multiplayer, you can unlock Pharo as soon as you reach level 32.

Damage: 84
Accuracy: 70
Fire Rate: 28
Range: 90

KRM-262 – Best Shotgun

KRM-262 in Call of Duty Mobile

When it comes to best guns in Call of Duty Mobile, how could we not mention KRM-262, the most devastating shotgun in the entire game.

Talking about damage, KRM-262 delivers whopping damage of 98. So, if you use this beast in close range, you’ll knock down the enemy in two shots. Other than the massive damage, KRM-262 comes with impressive accuracy and mobility of 51 and 73, respectively. The only shotgun that comes anywhere near to KRM-262 is the HS0405 with a damage of 100. However, despite having higher damage, HS0405 lags in other factors such as accuracy, mobility, fire rate, and range.

Damage: 98
Accuracy: 51
Fire Rate: 28
Range: 39

Best Guns In Call of Duty Mobile Season 10: Wrapping Up

So, these are the best guns in COD Mobile for both Multiplayer and Battle Royale. However, you need to know that there other guns in Call of Duty Mobile that stand tall against the ones mentioned in the list.

In the end, it’s all about your personal experience with a gun. If you’re comfortable with a firearm that has slightly lower stats when compared to the best gun in COD Mobile, then you should stick to it. Do let me know in the comments which one is your favorite gun in COD Mobile!

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