This Maths Problem Recently Drove Internet and a Group Of High School Students Crazy

maths question 50 cent
maths question 50 cent

maths-question-50-centShort Bytes: The Victorian Certificate of Education’s (VCE) Further mathematics question has reportedly baffled the Australian students. The 50 cent question asked the students to calculate the angle between two  adjacent 50 cents. Is it really that hard?

We will come on that part and then see if the question is even worth the hullabaloo, but before that let’s see what is this question that reportedly ‘baffled’ the Australian students.

The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) gave a question to the students appearing for the Further Mathematics exam that required them to find the angle between two adjacent 50 cent coins.

Read the question carefully.


Finding angle ‘X’ is the reason that led many students to question their brains, some exploded their frustration on Twitter while one of them even dissed the rapper 50 Cent on Facebook for the difficulty.

But, is the question really that difficult, that the students who were appearing for Future Mathematics could not do it!! Well, you read the question. Let’s see how fast do you give the answer.

P.S. It took me less than 20 seconds. Maybe because I am an engineer :P

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