5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying The Nothing Phone (1)

5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying The Nothing Phone (1)
Nothing Phone (1) Image: MKBHD/YouTube

The Nothing Phone (1) has finally been launched globally, and it looks great. Nothing hyped every aspect of this device beyond comprehension. But now that the device has been unveiled, the question arises does it live up to the hype? It turns out it does, but there’s a catch.

The price for the Nothing phone (1) in India starts from 31,999 and goes up to 38,999. The device’s pricing is a cherry on top of what special things it has to offer. Although an in-depth review is still awaited, here are 5 things you should keep in mind before buying the Nothing phone (1).

It is a mid-range phone

5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying The Nothing Phone (1)
Image: MKbhd

The Nothing Phone (1) is, without a doubt, a smartphone with the most distinctive design. Although LEDs on a smartphone’s back are nothing new, the Phone (1) does it in a distinctive way that preserves the device’s high-end appearance. However, only aesthetics do not make up for a premium device.

The Nothing phone (1) is a mid-range device packing a Snapdragon 778G+ with 5G capabilities. In the world of budget premium smartphones, the Nothing phone (1) might slightly disappoint you when you look at the benchmarks. However, the device should be excellent for your day-to-day tasks.

Popular YouTuber Dave Lee gave an early impression about the device’s gaming capabilities and had nothing but good things to say about the Phone (1). According to him, the device is perfectly capable of casual gaming.

However, it’s a different story when you bring in demanding titles like Genshin Impact and Diablo immortal. You can play Genshin Impact at 30 fps on the Nothing Phone (1) with no issues. But cranking it up to 60 fps will lead to stutters here and there, and you will drop combos.

Bottom line, Nothing phone (1) is definitely not for hard-core mobile gamers. If you’re into mobile gaming, you should check out beefier options like ROG Phone 6. Now that you know what a mid-range chipset does and does not bring to the table, it’s your decision to make.

Is Nothing Phone (1) living up to the hype?

The device has finally been launched, and the hype has somewhat settled. Did it live up to the hype, or did Nothing pull a OnePlus on us? Let’s find out.

Freedom Mobiles used a language analysis tool called Senti strength to determine the sentiment of the tweets concerning the device. In the first three hours following the launch (16:00 – 19:00), the smartphone gained a relatively mixed bag of reviews on Twitter. Freedom mobiles scraped a total of 12298 tweets that mentioned Nothing Phone (1).

Of those 12,298 tweets, 4,618 seemed to have a positive sentiment while 3,963 resonated negatively. The remaining 3718 tweets showed “a neutral sentiment” rating said the company’s website. The commotion in India was also astounding, with 6998 tweets containing the hashtag #dearnothing.

The results above make a hard case for and against Nothing Phone (1). Although the feelings are mixed, the company undeniably unveiled some eye-opening and exciting features during the launch. After, All the tweets and early impressions, it’s safe to say that the device is living up to its hype.

The glyph interface makes it stand out.

Let’s discuss the Glyph interface on the Nothing phone (1). The Glyph interface by itself is a bold move by the company. You don’t see flashing white lights at the back of a smartphone every day. But does the Glyph interface serve a purpose, or is it just an aesthetic gimmick?

Yes, it does! You can change the lighting of the Glyph interface as per your liking. It perfectly syncs up with the device’s inbuilt ringtones. It even lights up for notifications and acts as a status bar for your battery percentage while charging.

These are some neat little tricks the Glyph interface has to offer. However, remember that the lights behind the device are not RGB and will only emit white light.

What are other phones available at the same price?

The pricing of Nothing phone (1) is quite adequate. However, there are some other great options in the under 40k segment.

OnePlus 10R

The OnePlus 10R is a brand new smartphone with a boxy design. The device comes with Dimensity 8100 – Max, 80/150 Watt fast charging ( depending on the model). The device starts at 38,999 on Amazon. The boxy design of the Nothing Phone (1) is reminiscent of the OnePlus 10R.

Samsung A73 5G

The Samsung A 73 5G comes with the same Snapdragon 778G as the Nothing Phone (1). The device blazes through day-to-day tasks and provides a great camera experience. The cherry on top is Samsung’s smooth One UI with Android 12.

You can also check out some great options like Realme GT Neo 3, iQOO 7 Legend, and Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G.

It does not come with a charger

Nothing also took the Apple route and did not include a charger in the box. However, early buyers were given a charger in a separate box. Currently, The packaging for Nothing Phone (1) does not include a charger.

Customers who purchase the Phone will need to buy it separately. The Nothing Power 45W charger is available for Rs 2,500, but pre-order customers may get it for just Rs 1,500.


Nowadays, different companies are targeting various aspects of a smartphone. Some are making their devices metaverse friendly, and others are making them crypto secure. Nothing happens to make theirs aesthetically pleasing.

The Nothing phone (1) will definitely help you stand out in the crowd of many generic-looking smartphones. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Comment down below.

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