God of War 2018: Who Blew The Horn To Summon Jörmungandr?

God of War 2018 Who Blew The Horn To Summon Jörmungandr
Screengrab: God of War

Kratos’ journey through the Norse realms has been filled with foes and friends alike. The 2018’s PlayStation title God of War sets the father-son duo on a journey to scatter Faye’s ashes from the tallest mountain in all nine realms. It is on this journey that we see Atreus grow and the bond between the father and son become stronger. However, there’s a particular moment in the game that has been haunting fans since 2018. Who blew the horn in God of War to call Jörmungandr?

There have been many theories regarding who blew the horn in God of War. Almost every fan has their own version of who actually blew the horn to call Jörmungandr. Today, we take a look at a final theory. This theory also incorporates a character that will be in God of War: Ragnarok, further cementing the theory.

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Screengrab: God of War

Final Theory: Who blew the horn in God of War?

Before we get to the moment in question about who actually blew the horn to call Jörmungandr, let’s talk about the first time the horn was blown. It was Kratos and Atreus who blew the horn in 2018’s God of War with the help of Mimir to talk to Jörmungandr.

Meanwhile, what troubles players the most is the time horn is blown to summon Jörmungandr when both Kratos and Atreus are not present. It is when Atreus falls ill, and Kratos is pushed to wield the blades of Chaos to travel to Helheim. In order to save Atreus from dying, Kratos had to retrieve the heart of the keeper of the bridge of the damned from Helheim.

It was at this moment that we heard the horn in 2018’s God of War. While Kratos is on his way to Helheim and Atreus is dying, the question arises of who blew the horn. Furthermore, the game never reveals the identity of the person.

More importantly, there are not many who speak the language that Jörmungandr speaks. Which clearly indicates that someone who can speak the language must’ve blown the horn. Speaking to Jörmungandr requires knowledge of the language of the giants, and there are not many who speak it. Since almost all of the giants are dead.

Now, this is where things get interesting. According to this theory, it was Angrboda who blew the horn in 2018’s God of War. We know that Angrboda is one of the last surviving giants and can speak to the World Serpent. Furthermore, according to Norse Mythology, Angrboda is the mother of Jörmungandr, with Loki, aka Atreus being his father. This is also referred to in the game when Mimir mentions that Jörmungandr said the boy seemed familiar to him.

The statement is further strengthened by Mimir’s following statement when he tells Kratos and Atreus about Thor’s and Jörmungandr’s fight at Ragnarok. The fight is said to be so fierce that it shook the world tree, so much that it sent the World Serpent back in time, even before his own birth. While this is another theory, let’s come back to the one at hand.

Angrboda is the last surviving giant, and being able to communicate with the World Serpent puts weight on the theory. With no other being in the game with the purpose of blowing the horn. It rules out Angrboda being the one who blew it. While we can’t be 100% sure if Angrboda blew the horn in God of War, we would surely get to the rest of it in the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok with many other questions.

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